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A remote access tool (RAT) is a protram used to administer a computer remotely. These programs can also be used as malware, e.g. to spy upon a victim.

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Difference between a RAT and a hVNC

What is the difference between a Remote Access Trojan and a hidden Virtual Network Computing? It seems that both software allows a hacker to access a victim's computer and to spy on activity.
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Defination of RAT?

I've just noticed that different sites define RAT differently. Which one should be used? Remote Access Tool Remote Access Trojan https://searchsecurity....
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Does a hacker know which IP they hacked?

Suppose someone hacks my computer (by any means, say a virus or trojan like RAT), will they be able to know my IP address in real time? This is about dynamic IP addresses.
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Remote Access Trojan (RAT) -- How to detect, how to remove [duplicate]

Is there a guaranteed way to: Know there is a Remote Access Trojan in my PC? Remove it completely and successfully from my PC? Note: Assume that the hacker doesn't leave any hint of their activity (...
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How to "break" remote access on Windows and rooted Android?

Let's say you want to "break" all remote access capabilities on your rooted Android phone and your Windows PC. What do you do or delete so remote access is truly broken and can't be used (by ...
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Android tv box has been compromised [closed]

how can I get remote access to android box the the other people has to it ?
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How do hackers use RATs without their server/IP being revealed?

When hackers put trojan horses on someones PC, those programs (which are, by definition, just stealthy RATs with some... extra features) need to communicate with them somehow. A direct peer-to-peer ...
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I used my school account to use Office 365. Can my school control my device now?

Whilst I was setting up Office 365, there was an option that said "allow my organization to manage my device". I unchecked it, but I can still access their network drives. Does this mean they now ...
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Is it true that any current smartphone is broadcasting audio and position of its owner even if switched off and not given permission by the owner?

Is it true that any current smartphone is broadcasting audio and position of its owner by design even if switched off and not given permission by the owner to broadcast?
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Detecting web visitors controlled via RDP or compromised by RAT/RAT-in-the-Browser (RitB)

Is there a way to detect whether visitors to a website are using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) or have been compromised via a type of Remote Access Trojan(Tool)/RAT-in-the-Browser (RitB)? So a 3rd ...
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Any Alternative to Ngrok for constant Connection? [closed]

Im trying to build RAT to test on my computer. I use ngrok for hacking on WAN. But ngrok has a problem of changing its subdomain once the connection is reset. So, I cant use ngrok for hacking over WAN....
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How do I know whether the RAT tool (cracked/) I am downloading isn't backdoored?

In a simple way? If I use VirusTotal (for example) how do I differentiate if it's just the RAT or if it's also backdoored? Or is there software to check?
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Detect remote administration tool (rat)

I suspect being the victim of a hacking attack. What steps should I take to ensure that no rat software is running on my computer? I checked the autostart by executing initctl list but im not sure if ...
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My boss is spying on me [closed]

My boss is spying on me. I'm running ubuntu 17.04, the firewall is up, ssh is off, x11 has notcp set. I'm not an expert, but I can't find how he gets into my computer. Either he has a RAT (he ...
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Concerned About 'Rerouting' due to RAT

If someone uses a RAT or something of the sort to gain access to your computer and network, is it possible for them to reroute their internet access through your I.P.? This question is kinda ...
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Hide RAT in a picture link in a document?

Is this possible? A friend tried to install a rat by sending me a file that looked like 049.jpg.exe but i didnt click on it cuz of the .exe in the end. This was just for fun but it made me Wonder, ...
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Removing RATs via OS reinstallation [duplicate]

Last week my group of friends and I were discussing about RAT and my friend told me that RAT can be removed by reinstalling your OS, and factory reset doesn't solve the problem. So I googled around ...
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Attacking admin and non-admin User accounts on the same PC

Imagine the following scenario; A hacker want to attack a remote PC and take control of it using RAT. This PC has three user accounts. - A (administrator account. - B (non- administrator account) - ...
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What can a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) do? [closed]

I have been wondering, if I get infected with a RAT, what can the hacker do to my computer? What will he/she have access to, and what can they do with my computer?
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Can Malware Infect Hardware/Firmware

So, my MacBook Pro packed it in over the weekend after I drunkenly vomited all over the keys. I brought it to the Apple store (without the hard drive installed) for an assessment. The results of this ...
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Why is the victim a server instead of a client?

I just finished creating my own remote administration tool "a server to multiple client one" using System.Net.Socket, - "Watch Dogs fan :P" then I try to search on google how they make or design ...
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How does Remote Access Trojan / Backdoor Software work?

How does a RAT works? I understand it as once we visit the infected website, the browser might download the Trojan to our PC automatically. Will it be executed and auto-installed in our computer? I ...
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