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Registration can refer to: (-) The act of making an identity on a service (like getting a Facebook account) (-) The process of getting credentials from a service (like using OpenID to login to Stack Exchange) (-) The protocol to get information from a system (like getting updates from a Forum you want to follow)

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'Fake SSO & self registration' access to a web api

I was asked to design and implement a solution that I have some security concerns about. The customer has a web application into which users log in using their credentials. The customer wants to add ...
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What might an attacker do with email address as login name?

This might have been asked before, but I've looked for a few hours and can't find much. I would also like some opinions on what an attacker might do if he enters an email address on a site and it ...
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Automatic login after registration

After a user has registered a new account I want the new user of my site to be logged in automatically, i.e. an automatic login after registration. The registration is a JavaScript application. When ...
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