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Questions tagged [remote-code-execution]

Remote code execution is the process of running arbitrary code on a device over some type of network. The code can either be malicious, such as a code injection on a website, or voluntary, such as with Java Remote Method Invocation.

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LFI php://input returning initial argument?

TLDR: Trying to execute commands on site thats got a LFI vuln. So I am making my post request to my vulnerable site and import requests header = { 'User-Agent':'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; ...
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Reverse TCP - Bind to a specific port

So, I'm trying to solve a CTF challenge that involves exploiting a remote service. The service doesn't check for the size of the input and there is a buffer overflow vulnerability. However, before I ...
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RCE through specifying .NET type or namespace?

I'm testing an application that allows the user to provide an XML file that will be processed. (I've already tried typical XML attacks, such as XXE.) One of the elements of the XML file allows the ...
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DVWA - Converting Local File Inclusion to Remote Code Exploitation

I'm reading this blog and it says: If the /proc/self/environ file can be accessed through LFI, then in this case “RCE” can be achieved by requesting the file in combination with the payload written ...
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Phar file deserialization in PHP < 8.0

TLDR: I want to reproduce the RCE from phar file deserialization described in GitHub/advisory/97m3. I fabricate an html file that includes a malicious svg file in its <img> tag. Adding debug ...
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Storing APFS password in Apple's Keychain for Time Machine

If you are using an encrypted APFS container, for example, to encrypt the Time Machine, whenever the physical disk is plugged in, MacOS asks for a decryption password with an option to store it ("...
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How to bypass ascii_letters and run the code in eval

I have next code: if request.method == 'POST': exp = request.form['Expression'] for i in exp: if i in ascii_letters: return render_template('index.html',...
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Does other frontend framework have similar issue like AngularJS?

I'm reading an article that talks about XSS exploitation on AngularJS, AngularJS will render the template in ng-html, and it bypasses sanitize-html. My questions, I'm wondering if other frameworks ...
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Can malicious files be traced and removed from my phone

I had a files analysis done on my phone using Falcon Sandbox. An alarming amount of malicious files,marked as clean, were found,identified,and shown each capable abilities. Literally THE ONLY thing of ...
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Kubernetes user impersonation to obtain exec privileges

I am exploring CVE 2018-1002105 about privilege escalation vulnerabilities in Kubernetes. As a remote unuauthenticated user, I would want to make use of a metrics server deployed on my cluster to exec ...
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ThinkPHP show my website as the - did the request really come from my web server?

I have ThinkPHP wordpress garbage coming at my server , for example: /public/index.php?s=...
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Exploiting Groovy RCE

I'm trying to exploit groovy engine for RCE. However, the developer fixed by restricting the method calls with name 'exec', 'execute', 'run', 'start'. Is there any bypass or alternative to these ...
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Remotely crashing a PC by only visiting a website? Is this an at least 6 year old WebGL bug? WARNING: only visit this website, it you don't mind crashing your PC! so how is this possible? the website dates back to 2014! It is 2020 and by only visiting a website ...
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Securing server-sent shaders

I have been implementing server-sent shaders using OpenGL for a game (GLSL version 1.20.8). Executing server-sent shaders on the client obviously is remote code execution, which tends to be a bad ...
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How is malicious code executed on android devices without owners' knowledge?

I was wondering how hackers were able to gain remote access to one's android device with the help of just a .PNG file. This vulnerability was announced by Google but they didn't provide much ...
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