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Applying application-level signing in HTTP

I have to secure HTTP requests`s body on application layer, so I wanted to generate signatures with hash of body and the receiver will validate it. But I can do it in different way and apply it into ...
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Web request TLS

What version of TLS would be required for a router that separates client requests from a web server behind a router? Let's say the supported TLS client is 1.2 and so is the web server, BUT the router ...
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Sign vs hash HTTP body request

I use OAuth2 private_key_jwt authentication scheme to authenticate clients. Also, I need to be sure that request body isn't modified. I see two ways: In token which I use to authenticate client I can ...
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Does signing of HTTP requests have any benefit when using TLS?

Signing HTTP requests is all the rage nowadays. The benefits of doing so when communicating over an insecure channel are clear. With signatures you can bring message integrity and authentication to ...
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What is the use case of request signing in this mobile app?

The API of a mobile app I was testing is sending the AWS AccessKeyId and SecretKey used for request signing from the AWS Cognito server unencrypted (apart from the regular TLS encryption). Making it ...
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