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Is malware distributed with pirated software actually common?

An often-repeated piece of conventional wisdom goes like the following. Don't download pirated software, they often contain malware. I'm curious to know if there are any hard facts to backup this ...
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How big is the risk of hash fixed points/cycles?

It's established wisdom to hash password multiple times with a salt to increase the time it takes per brute force iteration. At the same time (unless the algorithm guarantees otherwise) there's a ...
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Will a crossdomain.xml file reduce a potential security risk?

I maintain a website were users are allowed to upload files. I'm doing already some good MIME-checks, consistency checks, virus checks, blacklist checks based on hash lists, some other custom checks ...
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CVSS Score Remote or Local Scenario

I have to deal with a lot of CVSSv2 and CVSSv3 scores for many, many years. What troubles me like forever is what default attack scenario shall be defined for a vulnerability. Let's take a malicious ...
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What are the risks of running Team Fundation Server on HTTP?

if TFS is installed using HTTP but only accessible from inside a LAN with Windows authentication, is it possible that a user impersonate someone else? what are other risks?
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Does Bloatware on a brand new PC create security risks?

Some new computers come with software I don't need or want. It is not advertised as part of the product I am purchasing. Generally this is called Bloatware. Bloatware 1.(n) Software that comes pre-...
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