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What are the security implication of implementing an IVR functionality in my application?

I am planning to implement an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) functionality in my python-based application. I will be using IVR as a backup verification method or when a user is going to setup her ...
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What risks are associated with SPO/Onedrive/O365 external user accounts in active directory?

We've recently started using O365/SPO/OneDrive for business as a sharing platform over a previous niche provider platform. I've noticed that each time a user shares content externally, the external ...
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Risks associated with switching ISPs/Telco providers

What are the risks associated with switching Internet Service Providers and/or Telco providers (i.e. Telstra -> Optus), if any? This is in relation to a larger organisation with a wide area network.
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Suspicious web-application requests containing encoded JavaScript function(?)

I've been seeing some odd traffic in the logs for a web-application (Apache) that I'm wondering about, and I'm hoping that someone here has seen this before. The raw requests were variations of: ...
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How does a risk assessment for an EU project look like?

I have to add provide a draft of a risk assessment for a small EU project. As I've never done this, I struggle with identifying assets or vulnerabilities. I'm aware of very general lists, but I wonder ...
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Do i place this service in the DMZ or datacentre(internal)?

I have setup a VM on our internal network and it is assigned an internal IP address. The VM requires connectivity to a couple of internet sites mainly Microsoft and ports are generally 80 and 443. ...
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Advice for carrying out risk identification in ISO27005:2011

I am currently required to carry out an information security risk assessment for an assignment, using the ISO 27005:2011 standard, for the Equifax data breach that occurred in 2017, https://...
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Recommended number of ssytems under an ISSO

Is there an optimum number of systems an ISSO should be responsible for? I realize system size and complexity come into play but assuming most are large and of moderate risk, etc. is there a number ...
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Multiple Frameworks for Risk Assessments?

My organization utilizes Risk Assessments as the catalyst for a lot of our Information Security efforts. Currently we assess applications using the cloud security alliance's CAIQ framework and ...
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What are the risks of adding third-party Root CA certificate into NTAuth Store?

What are the risks associated with importing a third-party Root CA certificate into the Enterprise NTAuth Store in a Windows Active Directory domain? (Except that the CA is then trusted to issue ...
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Risk, threat, vulnerability with an example

Given a situation where a system has SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 enabled would the following mapping be accurate: Weakness/vulnerability: The remote service accepts connections encrypted using TLS 1.0 and ...
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Safety assessment vs. Security assessment. What's the difference?

The safety requirement confuses me when I look at security risk assessment methodologies. Looking at safety alone, it usually is related to the physical aspect and the physical interactions between a ...
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