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Does allowing everyone know when a server process was started pose a security risk?

I recently found that in Microsoft .NET framework an impersonated thread is not allowed to request "time at which the current process was started". This could be done intentionally or this could be ...
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WLFriends encrypted login risk

I recently had created on which is presented by Wikileaks, I noticed a big thing there that the process of signing up at WLFriends was very distinct from the other normal sites. There, ...
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How big is the risk of hash fixed points/cycles?

It's established wisdom to hash password multiple times with a salt to increase the time it takes per brute force iteration. At the same time (unless the algorithm guarantees otherwise) there's a ...
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Does a working JTAG diagnostics port on Android phone add unnecessary risk?

Not enough people seem to know about JTAG outside the hacker and LEO communities but the short version is that JTAG allows anyone with physical access to your phone to chew their way right into it. ...
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When registering for most websites, why do you need to confirm your email address?

I'm working on a site which allows users to sign up for a service. They choose a username/password, enter their personal details, etc and proceed into the site, their details being stored for future ...
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Looking for Information security / risk management table top or card games [closed]

I am looking for table top or card games related to risk management or information security. A kind of "serious" game that can be used as a teaching tool of infosec/risk management. I know only about ...
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Security of Cloud Storage

What are the main security risks of popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox? I am torn between the convenience of cloud storage and the potential security risk of it. How can I evaluate whether ...
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Annual Rate of Occurrence (ARO) and Exposure Factor (EF) Data

I'm calculating loss expectancy (SLE/ALE) but where or how does one get data on annual rates of occurrences for various things? From simple hard-drive failure rates to something complex like the ...
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What is the risk of giving USB drives as promotional items by a healthcare provider

There have been a couple of instances where malware infected USB drives have been given away unknowingly as promotional items at conferences, e.g., IBM in 2010. Besides this, if a healthcare company ...
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