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Routing is the process of moving packets across a network from one host to another. It is usually performed by dedicated devices called routers.

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What are the security implications of enabling UPnP in my home router?

I found port forwarding entries in home router that I haven't manually configured. Is that because of UPnP? Are applications simply able to tell the router to forward ports on their own? Are there ...
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Vulnerabilities of pure NAT without firewall

Following some of the comments on this question, I was curious about the security vulnerabilities of NAT. There are similar threads here and here but they discuss router vulnerabilities rather than ...
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How is Tor secure despite being open source?

If Tor is open source (and thus its process of concealing your IP is known), then how does it keep anything secure? Couldn't someone look at the source code and figure out how to reverse the routing ...
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Access to a router's GUI

During a recent visit to a coffee shop, I noticed that they hadn't bothered changing their default user name and password for their router. I realise that someone could log on and be annoying to ...
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How can a webpage get the MAC address?

I was logged on to my router and filling out some information. I clicked a button and a field was automatically filled in with my computer's MAC address. How is this possible? Does it present a ...
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Public DMZ network architecture

Years ago, when I was a student, a network security professor taught me in a class what a DMZ is. The architecture he used in his slides was similar to this one: Now that I got employed, my boss, a ...
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How to track back a dynamic IP address?

Is there a way to trace back who was using a public dynamic IP address previously? Would it be possible to find out the MAC address of the host using the IP address at a given time? (e.g., can you ...
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Can home routers get infected?

I am behind a router(linksys that runs dd wrt on it) and I was infected with sality. I'm curious, can my router get infected too? If yes, how can I remove the infection? I used the search bar but ...
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Is NAT Loopback on my router a security problem?

Some DSL routers prevent NAT loopback. Security is sometimes cited as the reason. Is NAT loopback really a security issue? And if so, how is this exploited? NAT loopback... where a machine on the LAN ...
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Firewall defined Akamai IP Range [closed]

With obvious dangers of opening up a wide range of ips, does anyone know how I can get a source of IP ranges for Akamai? When talking to Akamai they say 'not possible' which I find surprising. I ...
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Recent Fritz Box exploit

Background info: About 50% of the ADSL and cable internet access in Germany (and presumably parts of the EU) goes over AVM Fritz routers, either verbatim or rebranded as e.g. "1&1 Home Server" or ...
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incoming packets in server

I have enabled iptables logging for packets coming from the outside -A INPUT ! -s -j LOG Now i am seeing lots of incoming packets from unknown addresses Jun 5 14:54:56 localhost ...
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Provider can access my local network?

I recently talked with my ISP about many things, basically related to my (little) company security, this guy is a networking guru to me, but he did a strange thing that worries me. Basically I have a ...
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How does BGP filtering work to prevent routing hijacking? [duplicate]

I've been reading for a while but yet do not properly understand how is BGP filtering used to prevent "attacks" such the recent Indosat's problem. Do not copy&paste Cisco's site, I have read all ...
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What does a switched network protect us from? What does it not protect us from?

There seems to be some misconceptions regarding what a switched network will protect us from, and what technologies/precautions a secure environment requires when segmenting trusted users from hostile ...
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Can anyone tell if a wireless router is plugged into an Ethernet port (without actually seeing it)

In a large network if there is an Ethernet port in the wall, is it possible to tell if a switch or wireless adapter is plugged into it? (I'm talking about the cheap home routers - with the built in ...
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Security w/ Router Behind a Router?

I have a SMB (small-to-medium-business) router (router x) that my workstations run off of in my small business. I wanted to offer my customers wireless internet while they wait for service so I ...
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How to find a "secret" gateway

I'm practicing penetration testing and I'm in front of a basic routing exercise. The context is the following: I'm using a virtual machine with Kali Linux from which I connect in VPN to the network ...
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