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Routing is the process of moving packets across a network from one host to another. It is usually performed by dedicated devices called routers.

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Random Alphabetical String Added to URL

I originally asked this question over at Stack Overflow, but someone there suggested asking here because it might be possible that something malicious may be causing the following issue: Users have ...
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Using Android Wireless Hotspot while connected to Hotel internet via VPN

I want to make sure I understand the security implications of this scenario: I am staying in a hotel. I have a VPN on my android phone. I connect to the hotel's unencrypted WiFi network with the ...
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Creating a rogue AP with Kali Linux

so i have for the last 2 days going through this task of setting up a Rogue AP on my Kali linux running in my VM.... i am using the 64bit version and the wifi adapter is TP link TL WN722N, so my ...
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Why is Skype traffic not passing through the NAT table of the PREROUTING chain in iptables?

I have successfully performed a MITM attack and have managed to view the HTTP/HTTPS packets of the victim passing through the nat table of the PREROUTING chain of my iptables.(using -j LOG) However, ...
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Gargoyle (OpenWRT) firewall routing for VPN

At present I have Gargoyle setup on my WNDR3700 to connection to a VPN provider in order to provide a little privacy. However this prevents me from connecting remotely to my home network. Previously I ...
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SDN Security - why not attack the controller itself?

I have been looking into SDN (Software Defined Networking) and one advantage of using this is to be able to redirect traffic to stop DDoS attacks. The traffic is ultimately thrown away. My question ...
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How should I configure my Tor-dedicated firewall for optimum security?

I'm setting up a Tor-based isolating proxy using the 'Anonymizing Middlebox' iptables rules specified here: i.e. iptables -t nat -...
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Proxy via pfSense and exclusions for DNS

I have posted this to NetworkEngineering.SE, as that seems the more suitable audience for this question. I will leave this question open here but am happy to see it closed. I just did not want to ...
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Routing a site-to-site VPN through my regular VPN service

currently engaged in live competitive red vs blue team exercises in an enterprise style Windows AD environment. My device runs a modern Debian Linux OS. cscotun0 We typically connect to the lab/domain ...
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Open Ports at ISPs Gateway

I am working to set up OpenVPN access to my home network. To do this, I had to contact my ISP, because they had the necessary port blocked at the Gateway/Router that I do not have access to. In my ...
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