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Questions tagged [rowhammer]

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Rowhammer mitigations in current hardware and software

I've been looking into rowhammer attacks and mitigations and there are two (what seem to be) mitigations that I've seen that are actually implemented in currently available hardware and software, but ...
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4 votes
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What kind of attacks can hardware level memory encryption protect from?

Both AMD and Intel have introduced memory encryption at the hardware level. AMD calls this Secure Memory Encryption (SME), with the Intel version being Total Memory Encryption (TME). What kind of ...
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1 answer

Are there any observed Rowhammer attacks in the wild

Due to the latest news regarding Rowhammer and its applicability to ECC DRAM, I was wondering whether there are any Rowhammer attacks spotted in the wild. Given the various approaches to conduct a ...
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If rowhammer only results in capacitor discharge, how can it flip 0 to 1?

In rowhammer, why will changing the voltage on one row cause the other row to open/close? Is it related to induction? How can it change bits from 0 to 1? I understand from 1 to 0 - voltage discharge, ...
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Which memory modules are known to be vulnerable to or secure against Rowhammer/Flip Feng Shui?

Many memory modules from different manufacturers have been tested for vulnerability to the Rowhammer exploit. However, some researchers have anonymised their results, possibly for responsible ...
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14 votes
2 answers

How to detect Rowhammer vulnerability?

Related to How to know whether a RAM module is vulnerable to rowhammer before buying?, how can I check whether my already installed memory modules are susceptible to this attack, without having to use ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Is rowhammer comparable to faults caused by radiation?

As far as I know, both rowhammer and radiation based fault injection, can cause arbitrary bit flips in the memory. Are there any differences in matters of possible outcomes of both "attacks" on ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How can I protect my home/office computer against row hammer?

Row hammer seems to affect ECC memory less, but ECC is still not immune. I have heard of software mitigations like ANVIL, but that doesn't seem to be 100% row-hammer-proof either. What software or ...
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1 answer

How to disable typed arrays in firefox as rowhammer mitigation

I am concerned about the potential attack surface exposed by JavaScript typed arrays as a means of performing rowhammer attacks. Is it possible to disable (via official means or otherwise) typed ...
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17 votes
1 answer

How to know whether a RAM module is vulnerable to rowhammer before buying?

I'd like to know (or at least perform some reasonable guess) if a RAM is vulnerable to rowhammer attack. I haven't found any list of vulnerable or secure RAM modules. I've seen some general rules (...
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