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Questions tagged [rust]

Rust is a memory-safe programming language.

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Does rust's Cargo provide cryptographic authentication and integrity validation?

Does rust's cargo package manager cryptographically validate its payload's authentication and integrity for all packages after downloading them and before installing them? I see a lot of guides ...
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how to resolve initiating errors while running scripts with Rustscan Scripting Engine?

I wrote a one-liner shell script for rustscan which runs gobuster if port 80 is open. I have added the script to /home/$USER/.rustscan_scripts directory. The script looks like: #!/bin/bash #tags=[&...
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How to get gain the knowledge to be a beginner penetration tester on my own? [closed]

I want to apply for a job as a penetration tester in a good company. I have a fairly good knowledge of programming and have experience as a back-end developer. I started to work with Burpsuite, ZAP, ...
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54 votes
3 answers

What is the benefit of having a cryptographically secure hash algorithm in hashmaps?

I recently read the Rust language documentation and saw this: By default, HashMap uses a cryptographically secure hashing function that can provide resistance to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. ...
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Is it worth it to fuzz Rust-written software?

If a program is written in C, then it is worth it to fuzz it with something like afl since it might have memory-related bugs. But how about software written in Rust? Would a fuzzer still find bugs? Or ...
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Would the Cloudbleed have been prevented if Rust was used?

Would the Cloudbleed have been prevented if Rust was used? I know it is not the same as Heartbleed, but Rust would probably have prevented Heartbleed.
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