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Can rootkit spread through ATA interface?

I have connected a hard disk containing bootable Windows to a system confirmed to have a rootkit and attached that disk to a couple of other systems through SATA. I'm wondering (It's kind of been ...
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Security by using USB NIC, USB to SATA adapter, etc

After reading libreboot FAQ i have some questions about USB 2.0 bus. There it is strongly recommended to use usb devices - USB network card and USB to SATA adapter (to connect HDD or SSD with it). The ...
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Access SATA disk disabled in BIOS

If a remote hacker or a malware gains full root/admin rights on a system, is there any way to access another SATA disk that has been hardware connected but disabled in BIOS ? I am not sure if the ...
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Does the destruction of sensitive information limit the choice of hard drives to non-flash based devices?

Working with a non-profit organization,it's common to reuse hard drives that have previously stored highly sensitive information such as medical and financial records. This is primarily driven by cost-...
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How hard is it to break an 8 digit pin of AES 256 encrypted external sata enclosure?

I am looking at external sata enclosures for 2.5" drives, there are some with keypad on them and protect the data with pin that is usually limited to around 8 digits. Drive is protected with AES 256 ...
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Is eSATA as big a security risk as USB on Windows 7+?

My current understanding is that USB mass storage devices represent a major potential security and virus risk on Windows due to various forms of auto-execution. Does the same apply to eSATA? I mean, ...
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Why aren't hardware R/W switches used to defend hard drives?

ISTR back in the early days of (build your own) PCs having an old 486 PC with two hard drives, and hacking the "Turbo" switch on the front panel (remember those?) to be a read-protect switch for ...
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