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Use for questions regarding the security of space satellites.

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How to reduce/mitigate the degree to which a Starlink terminal user in a war zone is giving their position in real time?'s SpaceX Starlink satellite internet terminals arrive in Ukraine, The Verge's Elon Musk’s promised Starlink terminals have reached Ukraine and Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of ...
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Could an attack on time synchronization with a Galileo Satellite be used to spoof navigation messages with TESLA-based authentication?

I read about an attack on the TESLA protocol which will be used in Galileo's navigation message authentication (Full article can be found here: Basically, ...
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Is it safe to pay bills over satellite internet?

We bought a house. We need internet for basic research, email and paying bills, but there is no internet... Even a dedicated hotspot will not give us a stable connection. We are planning to get ...
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What's the most anonymous way of severing IP from actual physical location? [closed]

There are a number of layers that need to be secured. There's the network layer, for which we have Tor and other anonymizing applications and the physical layer. I don't see how one can be concerned ...
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How is satellite uplink secured from DOS attack?

How satellite communication is secured from Denial of Service attack on up-link frequency as anyone can create interference?
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How do TV satellites authenticate the receiving signal to make sure its from the TV station that its claiming to be and is not spoofing? [duplicate]

What stops criminals from jamming a channel by sending spoofed signals to its satellite in space, acting like they are from the TV station and therefore hijack or jam the channel? How can the ...
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How to keep web traffic private with a satellite intenet connection

I use satellite internet and I would like to have some a little more privacy when using the internet. TCP spoofing appears to be an issue among other things and the people from a well known VPN ...
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How can I prevent GPS spoofing? (prevent a Pokemon-go hack)? [duplicate]

I want to prevent GPS spoofing in a mobile device and want to investigate additional ways to improve authenticity of this data. PokemonGo is already struggling with this around the world. Here are ...
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Can I use a satellite phone for 2 factor auth sms and such?

Would 2 factor authentication SMS messages or other kinds of internet security notifications work with satellite phones? E.g. companies like Google, Paypal, Facebook, banking institutions and others ...
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Encryption of instructions to and from satellites in space [duplicate]

The mars rover, like most other things man has directed into outer space, receives, faithfully executes, and responds to instructions sent to it from its controllers on Earth. Presumably (and ...
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Is it possible to decrypt a satellite TV signal without using a smart card?

And if it is possible, why has it been decided to keep using a smart card for this task? I will be grateful if you can provide some practical examples on how to bypass the use of a smart card (if ...
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What would one need to do in order to hijack a satellite?

I realise this borders on sci-fi, but there's been some interesting demonstrations regarding security of various satellites. What would be required to hack a satellite (in general terms, any hack ...
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