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Why I am unable to execute insmod on the docker container?

I have started an unprivileged docker container and trying to start the privileged exec session. It has CAP_SYS_MODULE capabilities, but still, I am getting operations not permitted in insmod. docker ...
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How to dump the input of a seccomp BPF filter?

I am writing a program that creates BPF seccomp filters. These filters are supposed to check syscalls and their arguments against predefined allowed values. The logic to check the syscall by its ...
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2 answers

Syscalls are disabled with seccomp. What attacks are still possible? How to prevent them?

I want to run a piece of untrusted code on my machine. I've disabled all syscalls (besides exit, sigreturn, read and write) with seccomp for a process. Now, I'd like to spawn a child process that will ...
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What additional protection does seccomp provide when compared to capabilites?

From this answer I understand that seccomp-bpf filters the list of syscalls a process can call. Similarly, the capabilites mechanism will cause a syscall to fail if the caller does not have the ...
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Is it possible to use systemd seccomp filtering for running applications from command line?

Example systemd unit file, what I mean by "seccomp". ProtectSystem=full ProtectHome=true ProtectKernelTunables=true ProtectKernelModules=true ProtectControlGroups=true PrivateTmp=true PrivateMounts=...
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2 answers

Difference between linux capabities and seccomp

I know seccomp (secure computing) is a way to restrict a process from making particular system calls. While linux capabilities provides a way to give privileges to specific user or process. So if I ...
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2 answers

Opt-in a security profile at runtime, without tedious setup

I like lowering my access privilege mid-program (e.g. restrict my program to the current directory and files, disable networking). I imagine this is a pretty common wish. I would like to be able to ...
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Docker: when to use apparmor vs seccomp vs --cap-drop

Docker seems to support both apparmor and seccomp. Docker also allows to drop capabilities when running a container. However I couldn't find any documentation or guideline on when to use which ...
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