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A graphic displayed on websites indicating that the security of the website has been verified in some way by a third party.

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SSL Trust Seal of ""

when I visit "", I can see a trust seal at the bottom right of the page that says the certificate is issued by DigiCert. It is a clickable trust seal, so when I click ...
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Will using super-glue on the screws of my laptop prevent it from being opened unnoticed?

I know someone can break open the case, but what about opening it without leaving evidence? Are there any seals available for securing your laptop from unauthorized access? And sealing the sides of ...
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Why cant we get rid of car keys and introduce an app to control our car [closed]

Why do we need keys ... Let's make an app that works on an ad-hoc network and can control our basic functions replacing our key.... And bdw how does key helps in getting car started
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WinForm Application Security

I wanted to create a winform application that have a centralized security database. This application is portable, can be save to any PC and simply run the .exe to use, hence there will be many copies ...
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Securely access OwnCloud & MediaPortal

I have a NAS containing media and user files encrypted on disk. I will be running FreeNAS 9.x as my operation system, OwnCloud and SABnzbd "in jail". OwnCloud will use SSL, of course. I also have a ...
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Why should I use the VPN? [closed]

Does a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provide an encrypted connection from outside networks or from ISPs to the internal network?
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Security seals and the "perception of safety"?

I clearly understand that the security seals (verisign or norton secure etc.) shown on banking and other websites are generated using a script and available only after an ssl certificate is purchased ...
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Effectiveness of Security Images

Do security images such as those presented upon logging into banks provide any tangible security benefits, or are they mostly theater? Per my understanding, if somebody is phishing your users, it's ...
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