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Is it ok to let someone unlock their own account with their admin account?

Scenario: Person A's normal computer account is personA. They have locked this out with too many bad password attempts. The user is part of the IT group, so they also have an admin account: personA-...
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What would be reasonable approach for sandboxing new project to be protected against security holes made by chance?

As a regular developer I'm curious about looking at new projects. Let's say today I want to contribute to open source project in Python. This project is on GitHub and I a kind of confident in people ...
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Making sure to type in the right password on the right place

This is not about technology, but about human factors. I type in passwords so often, that it is a habit that doesn't require thinking. I type these fast and correct. Lets take an SSH agent password ...
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Sandbox for GNU/Linux secure enough to run malware in it without harm [closed]

I am seemkng for a sandbox for Linux secure enough to run malware in it securely. It should allow create different sandboxes run different programs in them, including the ones requiring admin ...
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Separate networks on one modem for security reasons

I'm not very familiar with networking issues, but my current project requires me to create an environment in which I will have 2 clients, but client 2 cannot see where client 1 is connected to and ...
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application runtime separation - best practise

I need to persuade "the management" that running two or more unrelated business-critital applications within a single shared runtime environment (i.e. a single "command line") is a really bad idea. ...
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