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Questions tagged [shodan]

Shodan is a search engine indexing devices connected to the Internet.

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Identify hosts that are serving specific metric on Shodan

Using things like Shodan and Zoomeye we can find tens of thousands of exposed Prometheus endpoints with queries like service:prometheus port:9090 etc.. Now let's say we know that there are entities on ...
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Get Screenshot URLs crawled by Shodan [closed]

When shodan crawls an IP, it takes a screenshot based on some technique(?) Nevertheless, most of screenshots that shodan takes are from IP Cameras. Is there any way to access the URLs the crawler ...
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How does Shodan take screenshots from webcams which have authentication?

I just got my academic license for Shodan and I was playing around it. I noticed that when I use the has_screenshot:true filter it even shows screenshots from sites which requests authentication. How ...
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Where does Shodan document fields that I can search by? [closed]

where do I find information on all the fields that I can use shodan to search by? For example I can find a specific ssl vendor's certificates with ssl.cert.issuer.CN=asdf but what other fields can I ...
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RDP with self-signed cert requiring password before launching display

I've noticed that the search engine Shodan grabs screenshots from hosts running an RDP service, even if they offer a certificate. To my understanding, the certificate is used to authentify the server,...
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2 answers

How shodan takes screenshots?

How Shodan takes screenshots from some webcam even if this webcam (IP adress) requires login? And how can I protect this? I can't have some thing on LAN network, because I need to join to it from far ...
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2 answers

How to search for all computers running memcached on shodan

Memcached is a caching software typically used in web servers. Many web servers like wikipedia, wordpress, flickr cache their data using Memcached software. Memcached server typically runs on port ...
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1 vote
3 answers

How to get shodan to report IP addresses with a specific open port?

I've done the leg work and I've struggled to identify how to search with the Shodan CLI, or the web search, just for a specific port and output all the IP addresses that expose this port. For ...
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Is external Nmap scan considered active or passive?

I had a debate recently regarding whether conducting an Nmap scan through a 3rd party such as is considered active or passive. I argued that it is passive since there is no link ...
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Proving that a MongoDB is misconfigured and publicly accessible

If Mongo databases appear on, is it definitive proof that they are publicly accessible? Is there a way to prove without doubt there is a risk without actually connecting to the server? (...
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