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Signal-analysis is a side-channel attack that involves identifying information in electromagnetic signals emitted from a system.

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Remote monitoring of key strokes — is an RF retro reflector required?

Is it possible to remotely monitor key strokes on a laptop or is an RF retro reflector required? If so, where would be the most likely location such a device would be placed?
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How to identify the communication protocol used in a wireless device?

I really hope that this is the right place to ask. I need to analyze a baby monitor for any security or privacy weaknesses. The spec sheet of the baby monitor says, that it uses the ISM 2400~2483.5 ...
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Monitor with two simultaneous, seperate inputs: can an OS read from both inputs? [closed]

For example, if you have two computers connected to one monitor, at the same time: can the visuals being sent from computer #1 to the monitor be received by computer #2 ? In any kind of simple way ? ...
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Converting sound to keystrokes: can I actually try it out?

I heard that there are ways to tell which keys you press based on your laptop microphone. Is there a project that I could run as a proof of concept to actually experience that on my own?
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How might the BBC snoop on wi-fi usage?

It's just been reported that the BBC plan to deploy wi-fi detection vans to identify users who are streaming content from their internet service (BBC iPlayer) without a TV license. For example, see ...
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Crash a computer using waves or similar techniques?

I am trying to prevent a potential attack, by first learning how to perform it. Pretend there is a cheap £20 - £50 computer, which an attacker with physical access to wishes to crash. This computer ...
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What buses carrying sensitive information on a running computer are vulnerable to sniffing?

Has there been any research on what buses in a computer can be analyzed while they are live, without rebooting the system to insert a proxy device? For example, I imagine I2C would be very easy to ...
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How can I know if any cell phones other than a given set are turned on in the nearby area?

I am searching for a solution to identify phones simply by the signals it emits. Imagine a signal receiver in a room, then I want to know which people are using phones nearby. I don't care what they ...
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Detect air signals

Is it at all possible to detect all air type signals for a given location? For example, if I wanted to get a list of all air signals (i.e. wifi, bluetooth, radio, 3g, 4g, and all other air type ...
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Is it possible detect a device using a 3G connection?

Someone has a hidden smartphone and are using the internet in a 3G connection. Can I find where is he? Maybe using a signal detector. find who is he? Maybe know the MAC number. just find if someone ...
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Electromagnetic induction attacks - reverse TEMPEST?

I know that electromagnetic emissions from a device can be used to extract information from a system, e.g. TEMPEST or Van Eck phreaking. I also know it's possible to induce a signal into a ...
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