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A subscriber identity module, or SIM card, is a circuit used to store the IMSI number and associated key used as authentication on mobile telephony devices (for example mobile phones and tablets).

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9 votes
3 answers

Can a SIM card propagate malware?

Is it possible that malware can infect a SIM card? What will happen when I insert the SIM card in another phone?
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6 votes
2 answers

What happens when you SIM-unlock a cellphone

In the UK the process for unlocking a mobile phone (cellphone) usually involves either buying an "unlock code" from ebay which you then have to put into the phone to unlock it, or taking the phone to ...
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SIM card malware advice

My goal is to communicate with a sim card via binary sms and upload new firmware and/or talk to sim card api to retrieve data such as gps coordinates etc... I am not sure how to construct these binary ...
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Does the carrier network autheticates itself to the SIM card?

From my understanding this is how SIM authentication works: When the mobile device starts up it obtains IMSI from the SIM card and send it to the operator network Operator network finds the Ki(128 ...
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5 votes
3 answers

How to identify compromised SIM Cards?

Reason for this question: This article regarding NSA / GCHQ SIM Hacking) states some manufacturers of SIM-Card have been hacked to steal SIM-Card "Ki". I want to know the likelihood of the SIM-Cards ...
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Shellcode Injection/Poisoning on Mobile Networks[GSM/LTE/CDMA-varaints]?

In the previous question(How do APN hacks work?) I have enquired about APN hacks but after reseaching more about cellular networks. I wonder has anybody attempted Remote-code execution/poisoning,etc ...
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