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A sniffer is a program that monitors and analyzes network traffic.

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Why is it possible to sniff an HTTPS / SSL request?

I'm new to the realm of HTTP requests and security and all that good stuff, but from what I've read, if you want your requests and responses encrypted, use HTTPS and SSL, and you'll be good. Someone ...
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Is promiscuous mode sufficient to sniff packets in a wifi network?

I'm connected to my WiFi network and I want to capture and analyze packets that other clients are exchanging with the gateway. I don't want to modify the content of these packets and I don't need to ...
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Do VPNs even protect ftp and virtual machine connections?

I have to go out of town and stay in a hotel. During these days I will also have to work on some websites code and VMs that call external APIs. Not being a system administrator nor a security ...
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Can't decrypt captured HTTP connection from WPA Network

Hi I am attempting to sniff HTTP packet traffic using Wireshark on Kali Linux. I have added my wpa-pwd correctly to the IEEE 802.11 protocol and enabled "decryption". Currently I can only view the ...
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Server-side man-in-the-middle/eavesdropping: attacks between two servers using unencrypted HTTP

I’m new to security, and I’m wondering how man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks between web servers work, rather than between personal devices and servers. Most questions I see here about man-...
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What does WPA2 traffic look like to a packet sniffer that is not connected to the network?

Imagine there is a wireless network using WPA2, and an attacker has come along with his wireless card in monitor mode. What will the packets from that network look like? Is any information disclosed i....
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Can smart power meters read key presses on a wired keyboard?

Smart power meters are becoming quite prevalent. Question: Can a smart power meter (with patched firmware) read the keys pressed on a wired PS/2 or USB keyboard, connected to a desktop computer? What ...
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Sniffing TLS/SSL communication with Wireshark, possible? [duplicate]

I am trying to snif a SSL/TLS communication and thought about doing it with Wireshark. I've tried to do it and sniffed some with TLSv1.2 protocols, is that the communication? If so, how do I identify ...
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Is authorisation of FTP safe against sniffing and vulnerable to man-in-the-middle hijacking?

One of my hosting providers still just offers FTP access to the server... Is authorisation safe (i.e. resistant to network sniffing) despite the content of the transmission is plain text? Is it ...
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Are wireless card skimmers just fearmongering?

I'm not sure about other countries but Australian Banks have been releasing cards with RFID Chips in them (for what reason is beyond me since around the same time there's been payway apps which swap ...
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Is it possible to analyze real Single Sign-On (SSO) messages via network sniffing?

I am thinking how to gain and analyze the information in the real SSO (request/response) messages, for some commercial SSO solutions. The challenge is that most commercial SSO solutions are black-box ...
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What vulnerabilities are there for a website that does not use SSL for a login page (or any pages)

I see many websites that do not implement SSL either when logging in or at all. I know that you can simply sniff traffic on those sites and therefore see the user/pass in plaintext but what other ...
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On the gains and losses of an additional client side stretching of the user password [duplicate]

Picture a state of the art implementation of a website registration and login system. I'm interested in analyzing what a defender gains and loses by feeding the user password to a key-stretching KDF ...
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