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Simple network management protocol (SNMP) is a protocol for gathering and modyfing information about devices on an IP network.

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Can cups snmp v1 cause security issues?

I found out that one of the devices in the network is using cups to identify printers. After more digging, I found out that cups is using snmp v1 which is a deprecated version and can cause some ...
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SNMP Enumeration

I'm scanning a machine that has the UDP port 161 open and I'm not able to run snmpwalk against it as I'm returned with the error: Timeout: No Response from <IP> I tried to run the onesixtyone ...
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Nmap with snmp-brute script freezes at 33.33%

I'm currently undergoing a penetration testing course where I discover the basics and I have a task where I need to perform SNMP enumeration on a target. My working environment is as follows : Host : ...
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Why is SNMP vulnerable to IP Spoofing?

I read on Wikipedia's Article on SNMP SNMPv1 and v2 are vulnerable to IP spoofing attacks, whether it runs over TCP or UDP, and is a subject to bypassing device access lists that might have ...
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Examples of SNMP

I grasp a basic theoretical knowledge about SNMP. However, I saw several events from our SIEM showing that a client endpoint generated SNMP events with port 161 and concluding that this host could be ...
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SNMP - need help with terminology

In many resources, I see that community strings are also called default passwords. But in the Server Manager, I see "Community name" and it makes more sense. So why people often use the phrase "...
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What does "DECed" mean in Network Security?

As in this MIB documentation: fgIpsAnomalyDetections Number of intrusions DECed ...
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IPsec down with unusual SNMP traffic [closed]

Time to time IPSec tunnel status become down, with unusual SNMP Traffic. when I disable and enable port manually, it become normal. I am using 200E fortigate firewall. Have you any idea or previous ...
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List of default SNMP MIB tree values / OIDs? [closed]

I'm trying to find a resource that lists default SNMP mib values and object identifiers for various vendors / operating systems to use with snmpwalk. I have a list of MIB tree values for Microsoft ...
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Feeding Azure portal logs into a SIEM solution

Currently working on a cloud transformation project where all infrastructure is being placed into Azure. We currently use a SIEM solution to monitor and assess events across the environment. The ...
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Is running SNMP v2c really insecure and can lead to compromisses?

I currently use SNMP v2c to monitor switches, servers, ect... to graph for performance. Question in terms of SNMP. Everyone says that running SNMP insecure is a security risk. How is a graphing ...
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Nmap snmp-info.nse Security Name

I'm attempting to issue an snmpget request to a device but i'm unable to determine the security name. Running the Nmap snmp-info.nse is successful and no Security Name is required to successfully run ...
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