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A SOC is a security operations center, a centralised facility in an organisation for monitoring the organisation's security posture, escalating or dealing with any security problems that arise.

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Security Operation Center (SOC) [closed]

I am looking for resources and details on establishing a security operation center (SoC) or network operation center (NoC) based on ITIL or any other applicable regulations. Where can I find good ...
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What is the difference between a SIEM and a SOC?

What is the difference between a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and a SOC (Security Operations Centre)? Do they work together? And if independent when to use which?
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How should we mitigate threats that are keep coming to our security monitoring system?

We have continuous cybersecurity threat feeds that coming to our SOC on a daily basis from different sources that provide all the new CVEs, new malware variations and more. We just don't know how to ...
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