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A SOC is a security operations center, a centralised facility in an organisation for monitoring the organisation's security posture, escalating or dealing with any security problems that arise.

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Hardware Secure Element

After checking multiple suppliers and reading about HW secure elements, I would like to understand the use of this type of electronic components. Maybe I´m wrong, but it seems a HW secure element ...
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Is Hanbook for CSIRTs still relevant learning material today?

The question is pretty self-explanatory. Is this book relevant today considering it has been published some time ago? If anyone has read it could you answer what are some things that have changed and ...
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Hardware TOTP system-on-chip with strongly guarded seed

I am looking for hardware TOTP system-on-chip, where it would not be possible for an adversary to extract the shared secret (TOTP seed in other words). I am researching an application, where one same ...
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Local Scans initiated from a VLAN Broadcast IP address

Just reviewing some logs and I am seeing local scans to several local IP addresses on port 137 within my network. The source IP however is the broadcast IP of the VLAN (.255). I have checked the ...
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Anatomy of a Cyber exercise and SOC

What exactly entails an incident response exercise (like a Red/Tiger team excercise)? How does it add value to a security operations center? Is there any good resource I can read up on how to set up a ...
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Showing non security events in a timeline graph

I am trying to show a series of events from different platforms in a timeline graph to establish the activity of an object (login events, alerts etc.) across various security tools. Say I was looking ...
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