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Detect port forwarding

If there are 3 machines A, B and C and A communicate directly with B (A -> B) but B is executing port fordwarding with the next command socat TCP4-LISTEN:443,fork TCP4:<ip machine C>:443 So ...
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How can I install a self-signed star cert with a self-generated root CA that openssl will verify against?

I'm trying to test some services and they need to talk to each other over https ( and they can't talk over http). I want to: create a Root CA that I can install in my Ubuntu-based docker images sign ...
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2 answers

Getting an Interactive Powershell Reverse Shell Using socat

I've read that socat is capable of creating interactive shells. I'd like to create an interactive Powershell shell. Kali Listener # socat - tcp4-listen:1338 Windows (socat.exe used from here: https://...
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Is piping untrusted/arbitary data to touch secure?

Im currently designing a solution where a security-sensitive device (located on IP X.X.X.X) will execute the command: socat -u tcp-l:9999,fork system:"touch /tmp/updatefile" & A script will check ...
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Configuring socat to pentest an IPv6-only remote web server from an IPv4 host

I need to pentest an IPv6-only web server situated in a remote network from my IPv4 host (Kali Linux VM). I have a 6-to-4 tunnel up between the two hosts (configured using Hurricane Electric). I'm ...
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how to make socat ignore client certificate?

I'm trying to set up a listener to check if an application checks the server's certificate (I'm strongly assuming it is not). So I've created a self-signed certificate fake.pem for a listener and am ...
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