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Questions tagged [social-engineering]

Social engineering is the act of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information.

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2 answers

What's the risk of interacting with a social engineer?

I received a WhatsApp message. I never registed with any recruitment job portal, or even speak Arabic at all What are the dangers in myself trying to find out what happened (did they send the same ...
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Is there any benefit to normalize unicode/utf-8 names that I am overlooking?

Reading how Spotify was normalizing unicode inconsistently, and now I'm questioning if I am overlooking any issue on accepting non-normalized usernames. From what I can tell, lowercase was first used ...
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A paper about putting formally proven secure "fake" vulnerabilities into your software to waste malicious actors' time

I remember seeing a tweet about an infosec research paper a while ago on how one can put a lot of "fake vulnerabilities", which resemble real vulnerabilities but are actually formally proven ...
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Is FIDO2 authentication vulnerable to a social engineering replay attack?

I'm starting to learn about the FIDO2 standard, and I'm wondering if this scenario is possible... Victim visits a credential harvesting page and enters their credentials Credential harvesting backend ...
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Should I publish a blog post about scam ideas? [closed]

I have written and was planning on publishing a blog post about scams. The blog post talks about methods used by hackers in their Reconnaissance phase (specifically, researching individual people) and ...
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Doesn't 2FA increase the vulnerability of an account?

You create an account on an online service X with login=your email + password. Compare these 2 situations: No 2FA enabled. The only risk is if your email is compromised: the "I lost my password&...
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Is there a standard for fencing email domains to specific use cases?

To my knowledge, there's no common standard for sysadmins to publish trusted domains for specific use cases. If it exists, I would presume that this might limit phishing attacks. Think of my question ...
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Suspicious hyperlinks (all hex URLs) in e-mail

I'm communicating with a job headhunter over LinkedIn and he sent me an e-mail containing information about a position. However, I noticed that all of the hyperlinks in the e-mail (even the one on ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Would there be any security downside to text-message "verification codes" saying what they're for?

When I log into some web services, I need to send back a verification code contained in a text message that starts out with something to the effect of "You or someone claiming to be you is trying ...
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Disturbing/suspicious Google notifications about account recovery and password change

This is similar to Is this Google mail from legit?, except a) I have nothing in my life related to the language used (Indonesian), b) these are different notifications (and ...
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1 answer

Can you impersonate someone on a cell phone network if you can get them to enter a magic code?

I just got weird warning on a social network about a scam that is supposedly making the rounds. However the claims were quite outlandish and I'm skeptical if it's even technically possible. If the ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Why don't bigger companies buy similar domains to their main domain to prevent typosquatting?

One big threat out there is typosquat domains. For example instead of: some malicious actor will register the domain and set up his fake steam login. Why do ...
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1 answer

Purpose of fraudulent AWS SL/TLS certificate request for my domain

I just received an email from AWS re Certificate request for [my personal domain]. This email asked me to approve this request with a link or forward to a AWS email for validation. Needless to say ...
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How can I protect myself from this simple, yet lethal (SE) WhatsApp hack?

I've been using WhatsApp as well as my current phone number for at least eight years now. As of now, everything went pretty smooth. That's why the message four days ago, 13rd of August 2021, struck me:...
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2 votes
1 answer

Multiple login attempts made using mobile OTP in multiple customer sites at the same time

We have multiple customer sites which provides login via mobile number OTP option (new & registered users). Recently, we come across an incident where a user received 100+ OTPs with in few minutes ...
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1 answer

Realistic for organizations to avoid links in emails pointing to less known sites?

Over the years, I found myself constantly pointing out to organizations that emails containing links with 3rd party domain names that are relatively unknown are problematic. That's how social ...
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2 answers

How was the hacker able to get my Instagram tag through Facebook when they weren’t linked?

All of this happened on 18th November 2020 A person I know sent me a phishing link of Facebook then Google, I entered my credentials however as soon as I found out that its a phishing link, I turned ...
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New trend? Recognizable and specific subject in Spam / malware mails

It seems that a new trend has emerged in the past few weeks. While users are (meanwhile) aware that an unexpected mail with subject "Your invoice" or "Your delivery" is suspicious, ...
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76 votes
13 answers

Why is a link in an email more dangerous than a link from a web search?

Everyone knows of the common cybersecurity tips to be careful when you open links in an email. But every day we look for something on the Internet, clicking links which the search engine shows us, and ...
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Can OTP (One-Time password) be used to protect data after intrusion has been detected? [closed]

I am working on Social Engineering attacks happening via SMSs. Let's assume a person receives an SMS asking him to click on a malicious link. If a virus is installed on the person's device, how can ...
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36 votes
4 answers

Why is social engineering often excluded from bug bounties?

I noticed a lot of companies do not have social engineering as in-scope of bug bounties/responsible disclosure guidelines, even though it is often used in real-world attacks. I understand that for ...
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1 answer

Social Engineering or Broken Authentication

If I go to a cybercafe and use one of the shared computers, and use a social media application, which deletes session IDs when the browser is closed. A clever person comes, who knows about the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How do I know/find out about Minecraft Server Vulnerabilities?

I remember playing Minecraft (Java-we're only talking about Minecraft Java on the computer here) at like 13-14 years old, and having this server owner claim that the server has been hacked, and that ...
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3 answers

I have lost control of my online identity due to mistakes made decades ago. What can I do?

About 2 decades ago (late 90s/early 00s), when I was still in high school, I opened up social media accounts online. Over the course of a few years and using these social media platforms, I posted ...
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26 votes
6 answers

Is it a good idea to use non-ASCII names in the U.S.? [closed]

Grimes and Elon Musk named their baby: X Æ A-12. What are the risks of non-ASCII names? For example, does the COBOL unemployment platform support non-ASCII names? Would it be possible to get a ...
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How misappropriation-resistant are common deployed signature formats?

Given an RSA signature as produced by openssl dgst -sha256 -sign rsapriv.pem -out afile.sig afile and without access to the private key used for that, one can¹ come up with a fully functional RSA ...
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Phishing emails - What do I look for?

I want to be able to spot a phishing email. What are the things to check when investigating and doing forensics on one? There are some things I know to look for already but I want to get moer ...
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Are IPv4 more intuitively hard to track than IPv6?

I understand that it is easier for a human to intuitively figure out the alleged whereabouts of a machine if that machin's IP address is IPv6, rather than if its IPv4: For example, since I configured ...
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Is Social Engineering out of scope unless explicitly requested? [closed]

I've seen some sample "What would you like to be pentested?" page (I can't find or remember the exact source) where Cyber, Physical and Social were asked separately (among other areas like Wifi, ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Canadian police mentioned a new line-trapping technique, but what is that?

The police in Canada are saying that there is a new technique ("line-trapping") where the scammers told a lady to call the police to confirm some fraudulent details, but when she hung up and called ...
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What is it called when someone glides through a building's external door behind you? [duplicate]

One form of social engineering is the practice of running up to a building's external door just as an employee is entering. The employee often holds the door open for the intruder, bypassing security ...
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"Harmless" script which downloads malicious script

What if I code a program without malicious code which would pass in every antivirus scan and after the virus scan and user giving special rights to it, it downloads and executes the real virus? Since ...
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How to protect yourself against OSINT?

I recently watched a video about OSINT and learnt it can be quite a powerful agent. I've been on the internet for years, and at this point I'm not sure what I've posted and where. Given this is now ...
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How can I as middleman verify whether a phishing site is valid if the scam listens only on the referrer link and blocks any other access methods?

How can I as a trusted user of a middleman company (such as PhishTank) verify whether a phishing site is valid if the scam listens only on a unique referrer link(randomly created) and is blocking any ...
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Is it social engineering when you know you are being social engineered? [closed]

More like a philosophical question.
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1 answer

How safe is to have a LinkedIn account where you have published all the important information about yourself?

How safe is it to make your information public? I know that there are many risks from social engineers' side, if you put everything about yourself a hacker will have most of the information about you ...
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is it possible to evil twin a WPA 2 Wifi using one of EAP methods?

the same as fluxion but without the captive portal just like this video Stealing 802.1x Credentials with Rogue AP & RADIUS server he was able to get the username and the password of an EAP wifi ...
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Data leakage in internet-only services

Nowadays, internet-only services became very popular, for example, direct bank and many others. The advantage of such services is you don't have to spend the time to get to the office in order to get ...
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Tech support agent asked me some questions unrelated to tech support or my problem

About 4 years ago I was having a problem with my Microsoft Windows system so I went to Google and searched "Microsoft tech support phone number" to see the results and got the number from some random ...
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1 answer

Understanding a Whatsapp account hack (social engineering?)

A friend of mine (Bob) received a suspicious Whatsapp message today, seemingly from a former colleague (Alice), who claimed to have "forwarded [to Bob] an SMS with a code in it by mistake", and who ...
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What to do after a social engineering attack was used to trick utility services at my hypothetical business? How to close the security hole?

Business Attack Scenario Standard information that was ubiquitous through my chain-businesses was exploited by a rogue group of former employees to sabotage. They considered manipulating all ...
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2 answers

Could someone commit a social engineering "hack" on a credit card processor to get my credit card number?

Peripherally related to: Is it safe to recycle unshredded credit card receipts?. From some basic research, it seems as though the SEQ number is internal to the company running the POS software, the ...
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Social engineering testing methodology?

Is there anything that could be used as a social engineering testing methodology from any sort of organisation (example: ISO, SANS, PCI DSS etc.)
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106 votes
19 answers

Defence methods against tailgating

This is a follow-up question to this one: Roles to play when tailgaiting into a residential building How do you protect yourself or your company against tailgaters? What is the best answer when you ...
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6 answers

Roles to play when tailgaiting into a residential building

Following people into a large RFID protected residential building is ridiculously easy, as not everyone knows everyone else. Just the other day I was let in with a rifle (an airgun, but how could have ...
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Does this mean Target's twitter was successfully attacked?

I was just surprised to see this suspicious promoted tweet, asking me to send Bitcoins I added the hand-drawn red lines so I am not responsible for propagating the apparent scam. Clicking on the ...
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What (besides not complying, and reporting) should I do with blackmail emails? [duplicate]

I received the following email which claims, among other social engineering, to have installed a keylogger on a former system administrator's Linux box: I‌ kno‌w [old password deleted] o‌n‌e o‌f yo‌...
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How do I protect myself against SIM hijacking/social engineering?

There are several posts like these:
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Is single-click phishing possible?

For Chrome, IE/Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera released after 2018, is it possible for a phishing to succeed by just enticing a user to click a URL? Notice: The user only does a click on the URL, no ...
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How do hackers make the victim access an XSS attack URL?

As I understand it, the basic idea of XSS is to let the user's browser execute some malicious code created by the hackers. Say, if a page has a vulnerability of loading arbitrary script when user ...
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