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What are some ways to ensure that a cryptography library is reliable in an ecosystem that is new to me?

Cryptography is a core security service, and is generally considered a specialty that is difficult to get right unless one knows what they are doing. Furthermore, cryptography API misuse is rampant ...
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What makes Adobe formats so vulnerable? [closed]

Tools that deal with SWFs, PDFs, OTF... seem to suffer from a disproportionate amount of vulnerabilities. Is the a characteristic in the formats that Adobe creates that makes them more susceptible to ...
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Untraceable software development

My goal is to develop a piece of software which is illegal in my country. Obviously I don't want anyone to be able to trace the code back to me or prove that I developed it after deployment. What ...
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AppSec Developer Certifications

I've noticed that certifications seem to be a big part of the IT Security Professional (non-development), but have not seen the same attention being given/required of the software development engineer ...
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Ethical Hacking/Bug Bounty programs: Best way to get started professionally? [closed]

I am self-employed (degree in computer science) and I have been fighting a serious illness for the past several years (and still am) which makes it pretty much impossible to take on client projects as ...
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Security code review recommendations [closed]

I've been writing software for ~7 years and have been actively interested in security for ~2-3. This interest has been entirely self-motivated and primarily on the attack side; I've written several ...
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What is the correct term for the discipline covering software security only?

I'm having trouble finding literature and courses specifically applicable to my field ( as a software developer who works on mobile and web applications ). What term or title best describes the ...
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What's the relation between Mathematica's authentication keys called MathID, activation key, and password?

I'm curious about how desktop softwares' installation authentication/validation process work in general, and hopefully apply it to softwares I make. But to start with a specific example, consider ...
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Application and Information Security software development market [closed]

This is a question more about how the market is for a software engineer with a focus on application and information security, mainly development and software engineering, either of secure practices ...
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Are software vulnerabilities limitless?

Ok. I believe no one has thought of this perspective, so here goes. I really don't understand why software need to be constantly patch for security when programmers do a good and complete job in the ...
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Software update process (dependencies) in organization

Wondering how other organizations manage software update process. We are a startup, were we try to define components owners, which should update them (security updates etc). This does not to seem to ...
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What are security best practices and compliance areas in Agile Software Development process

How do you ensure on a high level that developed software is secure and compliant. We want to introduce a service checklist that will list each item, including "Security and Compliance" section. It ...
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How to get gain the knowledge to be a beginner penetration tester on my own? [closed]

I want to apply for a job as a penetration tester in a good company. I have a fairly good knowledge of programming and have experience as a back-end developer. I started to work with Burpsuite, ZAP, ...
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CORS policy during development

Does the CORS policy add any value during the development phase? Should I develop with CORS on or off? The development is occurring in a distributed environment and there are no local copies of ...
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What are the best practices to implement secured remote firmware updates over-the-air (OTA)?

Firmware over the air (FOTA) is a generic name for performing firmware updates remotely. Assuming that I have a microcontroller with RW memory and a bootloader, what is the best paradigm to upgrade ...
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