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Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism (SPNEGO) is a GSSAPI "pseudo mechanism" used by client-server software to negotiate the choice of security technology. SPNEGO is used when a client application wants to authenticate to a remote server, but neither end is sure what authentication protocols the other supports.

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SPNEGO-based Kerberos authentication: Should I create a new security context using `gss_init_sec_context` for every request?

I'm implementing SPNEGO-based Kerberos authentication for a Linux client application for authenticating requests to a Windows IIS server. I've read RFC4559, which describes how authentication should ...
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How to prevent CSRF attacks on a REST API when using Windows Authentication

I have a Angular web app that interacts with a REST-API. Requests are authenticated with a JWT Bearer token. I now want to add support for Windows-Authentication. My current plan is to add a POST-...
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Is there any existing attempted implementation of GSS-API/SPNEGO/GSS-SPNEGO for anything other than Kerberos / NTLM?

I'm aware that SPNEGO is de-facto only used in the wild for Kerberos or NTLM. Is there any research / academic / educational example on how it can be also used for other mechanisms as well?