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Questions tagged [ss7]

Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) is a set of telephony signaling protocols.

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Can SS7 attacks intercept SMS sent to a Google Voice number?

Hackers are able to steal 2FA SMS messages by exploiting SS7. As far as my understanding goes, this means gaining access to the SS7 system and then broadcasting a message akin to "This number is ...
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2 votes
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Is SS7 attack traceable/detectable?

There is a lot of talk about SS7 attacks. Even if old article, but still interesting. But lets say, someone accessed my account which uses two-step authentication (SMS verification method) and I ...
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SS7 attack possibilities

I'm new to SS7 security and have been looking into SS7 hacks. What I was wondering was if there are other ways hackers can gain access to SS7 networks other than creating an app using the SS7 SDK ...
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Can an attacker intercept mobile traffic exploiting SS7 vulnerability?

Can an attacker intercept my mobile traffic exploiting the ss7 vulnerability even if encrypted?
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