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Is it foolish to trust a Wi-Fi network just because it uses a specific recognized SSID?

This article in the Avira (part of NortonLifeLock) security blog discusses (vaguely) security risks of public Wi-Fi. The article states: Man in the middle attacks are also a very prominent threat, ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Is using my address for WIFI SSID a bad idea?

I live in a location which is semi-rural. I also share this Internet access with some people nearby. Although bandwidth is a bit limited (VDSL), other then those imposed by the connection speed ...
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Can people still find my wifi network even if I turn off SSID broadcasting? [duplicate]

My wifi router broadcasts my SSID but I believe I can stop the SSID from being broadcast. Were I to do so, would neighbors or anyone parked on the street fail to find my wifi and move on to the next ...
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