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Steganography is the art of hiding data within other data. Ann sends a message to Bob. With encryption Eve could see the message but not read it. With steganography Eve would not see the message.

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Detecting steganography in images

I recently came across an odd JPEG file: Resolution 400x600 and a filesize of 2.9 MB. I got suspicious and suspected that there is some additional information hidden. I tried some straight forward ...
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Image steganography and tracking

We are running an online-press media-library. On this site many brands are uploading images and track press users download and views per image. But some brand now want to add unique code in image so ...
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How is it possible to embed executable code in an image

I was reading up on FireEye and came across this NYTimes article detailing a Skype chat where an image was sent laden with malware: Quote: To gain access to information on the devices..., hackers ...
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Is there such a thing as public key steganography

One of the drawbacks of traditional steganography is that both parties need to exchange a secret key. Encryption had this problem too but circumvented this with public key cryptography. Are there any ...
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Would 'spam' mail really avoid eavesdropping? offers a service that 'encrypts' your mail as 'spam', the rationale being that all mail services automatically filter out spam, and so if you're wanting to communicate with someone ...
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Is Steganography a safe method to store secret data?

I want to put some parts of my secret data into specific file with Steganography method. Is this method as safe as other encryption methods like RSA or SHA?
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What cryptosystem makes the encrypted text look like random noise?

Suppose one wants to setup a cryptographic protocol in which 2 parties communicate using an encryption scheme that produces encrypted messages indistinguishable from random data (the desired property) ...
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How can I detect unencrypted self-executing code in JPEG images?

Assuming that I have an infected image containing a self-executing malicious code that targets my image viewer and executes when I open the file. Supposing also that my computer is completely clean ...
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TrueCrypt dataleaks that might betray the "Deniable File System" option

Reading into "Operation Satyagraha", one would have to believe give all the resources used that the investigators had some reason to believe there was data to decrypt, even though in theory and in ...
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Steganograpjy or Digital Watermarking [closed]

I would like to use the best algorithm to hide 1024-bits inside an image. What is the best option to implement this? Is it by using Steganoraphy (i.e. LSB) or Digital water marking?
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Cryptography that looks like ordinary email

I would like to stay out of the automatic filters in place by security agencies and not be accidentally placed on a no-fly list or such. Say I'm having a political debate with a friend about democracy ...
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How can I detect that steganography has been used?

I have seen some of the algorithms which are used to detect if a file is a stego-file or not, but all those algorithms check for specific patterns and are not universal. Maybe there are universal ...
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How to implement reset password for a password manager

How could I best implement a reset password functionality for a password manager? I'm currently saving a hashed + salted master password, which is hashed with PBKDF2, and encrypting the passwords with ...
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Uncover data in file slack

Today in class we learned about how information can be uncovered in a file slack. I understand this theoretically, given the physical and logical file size I can come up with the slack space of a file....
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VCS to manipulate returned trees to prevent leaks? [closed]

I am wondering if there is any system that would change source code trees in subtle from version control systems in ways that are hard to discover (i.e. whitespaces at the ends of lines, perhaps even ...
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Looking for some steganography guidance

I am currently trying to figure out a steganography challenge. I was given 3 images, a secret.txt file and a "binary" file. There are no instructions as this was part of another challenge. I am ...
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How to detect malware in images

Do commercial AV suites examine image files (pictures) for potential malware that might be imbedded via steganography? Is this a concern for most? I deal with a lot of imagery data and am wondering ...
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How does the Deepsound steganography software work, and what are pros and cons of it?

I always been fascinated by steganography. I understand that its purpose alone is to provide security by obscurity. However, combining steganography with encryption can actually make it desirable ...
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