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Steganography is the art of hiding data within other data. Ann sends a message to Bob. With encryption Eve could see the message but not read it. With steganography Eve would not see the message.

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Detecting messages embedded in a jpg image with OutGuess

To begin, please someone correct me if I am wrong, but I believe OutGuess was definitively broken in the paper "Attacking the OutGuess" in 2002 and this attack was never patched. It seems ...
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How to encrypt and hide a GNU/Linux operating system and create a decoy system?

My goal is to be protected against key disclosure laws and possible extortion. I know dm-crypt can be used to perform full disk encryption for GNU/Linux distros. However, it is not enough. I want to ...
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Steganography and hiding messages

Is it possible to hide strings of text in one picture without coupling the strings in a file? I have only been able to find tools that allow for one.
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Detecting steganography in JPG, PNG, and BMP

I have a little problem about my research on steganography. For short, I used StegSpy 2.1 to run a test for my stego images. I used 9 JPG images, 9 BMP images, and 9 PNG images. From all of them, ...
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Risks from network steganography

I happened to learn that there is an actively researched IT-security field named network steganography. Could experts give a short overview of the current state of affairs, especially about the extent ...
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PGP 'forced entry' decode (steganography?)

This was originally posted by me on stackoverflow but was deemed too generic. It does seem like an impossible thing to do, but: you know when you have your perimeter alarm system you usually get to ...
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JPEG file SOS marker before SOF

I'm looking over some JPEG files with an assumption that a steganography has been used for trial obfuscation due to the installation of JPHS. I've come across a file where the start of scan marker ...
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Real-world application of network steganography

I recently came across a topic of network steganography, mostly connected with modifying the headers of IP, TCP, ICMP. I was looking for some real-world examples of malware that uses it. I only found ...
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Covert channel definition conflicts regarding steganography

I'm under the impression that stegonographic manipulation of file names or packet timing would qualify as a storage covert channel and a timing covert channel respectively. I came across this ...
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Are any social media sites sanitizing images?

I'm new to steganography. I have some questions about images on social media sites. I saw that Facebook recently patched a vulnerability on Instagram, but I was wondering whether any of the major ...
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How is malicious code executed on android devices without owners' knowledge?

I was wondering how hackers were able to gain remote access to one's android device with the help of just a .PNG file. This vulnerability was announced by Google but they didn't provide much ...
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Alter an ASCII character without detection?

If it were possible to alter an ASCII character without detection--that could only be "seen" by the intended receiver of a message--it would be ciphertext heaven. Consider Bacon's Bilateral Cipher (...
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How to detect malware in images

Do commercial AV suites examine image files (pictures) for potential malware that might be imbedded via steganography? Is this a concern for most? I deal with a lot of imagery data and am wondering ...
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Audio steganography and DRM

I recently made a post about an audio steganography program and had another concern I thought I might ask. I understand that most music has DRM in them. If I hide secret files in audio files with DRM ...
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