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Steganography is the art of hiding data within other data. Ann sends a message to Bob. With encryption Eve could see the message but not read it. With steganography Eve would not see the message.

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Cryptography that looks like ordinary email

I would like to stay out of the automatic filters in place by security agencies and not be accidentally placed on a no-fly list or such. Say I'm having a political debate with a friend about democracy ...
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How can I detect that steganography has been used?

I have seen some of the algorithms which are used to detect if a file is a stego-file or not, but all those algorithms check for specific patterns and are not universal. Maybe there are universal ...
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Are there any obvious flaws in this anonymous-receiver communication method using Twitter?

There might be flaws in the following method for anonymous signal reception that I'm not seeing: Alice doesn't know who Bob is. Bob wants to Alice to notify Bob of a particular outcome without ...
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Fragile digital watermarking algorithms suitable for PDF embedding

I have a PDF file that I want to embed an invisible and fragile digital watermark. What are the suitable algorithms available for this task?
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Steganograpjy or Digital Watermarking [closed]

I would like to use the best algorithm to hide 1024-bits inside an image. What is the best option to implement this? Is it by using Steganoraphy (i.e. LSB) or Digital water marking?
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VCS to manipulate returned trees to prevent leaks? [closed]

I am wondering if there is any system that would change source code trees in subtle from version control systems in ways that are hard to discover (i.e. whitespaces at the ends of lines, perhaps even ...
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A filesystem with chunks hidden all over the internet?

I am wondering if there are any implementations of a filesystem (as in FUSE) that would allow me to host a file in chunks steganographically distributed all over the internet. The way I imagine it, ...
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Approaching a steganalysis challenge

I am currently doing one of the challenges, specifically the 13th forensic challenge dealing with steganography. Several PNGs have been provided and participants are to find and extract ...
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How easy is it to find a password in a huge text file?

Say that my password is PASSWORD1 I have a 10MB jumbled text file. I hide my password in two parts in the text, between > and < so I can find it myself. Then I put the 2 parts together and add the ...
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Utility to hide several encrypted messages in single file [closed]

I am interested, are there existing utilities/projects under way devoted to combining encryption and steganography. I would like to - combine two or more messages, encrypted with separate ...
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Steganography using all TCP/UDP ports?

I just had an idea, and usually when I come up with one, it turns out it was already invented, so... Is there some standard that would consist of multiple parties sniffing on all of their TCP/UDP ...
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Steganalysis of outgoing traffic [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Detecting Steganography in images Is there any commercial traffic monitoring systems that implements steganalysis and could issue a warning upon suspicious file transfer (i.e. ...
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Steganography to hide text within text

Are there any steganography algorithms which are capable of hiding a (optionally encrypted) text message within another innocuous text message? The scenario I envisage is that I would like to carry on ...
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How do I hide files inside an image without using any steganography tools?

I want to hide files inside a picture. The files may be music or video. Is it technically possible to do this? If so, how? I searched on Google to find methods. Please suggest some methods for ...
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Editing images containing hidden information

Suppose we have an image with some hidden info behind it. If we open it in a photo manipulation software like Photoshop or Gimp, without editing it and just save it as a new image, does the image ...
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Is there a way to detect and extract steganographically hidden data from a picture? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Detecting Steganography in images Is there a way to detect and extract hidden data from picture which altered by steganography? For example, If someone tried to spill ...
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TrueCrypt dataleaks that might betray the "Deniable File System" option

Reading into "Operation Satyagraha", one would have to believe give all the resources used that the investigators had some reason to believe there was data to decrypt, even though in theory and in ...
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Which graphic image formats contain revision history? Does the image editing software being used matter?

It's common knowledge among graphic designers that they can rename a PDF file and import it into Illustrator and access the "layers" within the document, revealing hidden information. I don'...
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Is there any way to write-protect a USB or hide its contents from deletion without hardware modifications?

Data on external storage devices are not secure, I understand that. Despite hardware modifications they can still be hacked etc. However files can be hidden (steganography) or encrypted. I'm ...
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What happens if a pro-censor ISP has Telex key(s)?

I've been watching more and more people jump on the idea of Telex as a way to prevent internet censorship (e.g. -- not my comments at the bottom ...
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Is Steganography a safe method to store secret data?

I want to put some parts of my secret data into specific file with Steganography method. Is this method as safe as other encryption methods like RSA or SHA?
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Suggested Steganography Program?

I would like to try a Steganograghy program - know of one? How 'heavy' can it be: 1- Can I run the plaintext through a SHA-2 hash, THEN.... 2- Encrypt the digest with my private key (Digital ...
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Is Steganography considered encryption and subject to USA export restrictions?

I have written an application for Apple's iOS which embeds messages in JPEG files using steganography (see For the purposes of this question lets assume ...
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Best way for a hacker to hide a file on Linux?

Suppose a hacker obtains a shell on my Linux host and wants to hide a file. What's the best way for him to do this? You may assume unprivileged or root access. My thoughts are Use a .file filename ...
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Detecting steganography in images

I recently came across an odd JPEG file: Resolution 400x600 and a filesize of 2.9 MB. I got suspicious and suspected that there is some additional information hidden. I tried some straight forward ...
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Are NTFS Alternate File Streams considered a security risk in your organisation; how is it mitigated?

Alternate File Streams allows a user to embed hidden content within any NTFS file. That file can be a TXT file, or MOV for example. Some may consider this a form of steganography, and therefore the ...
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