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Questions tagged [svg]

An XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation.

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SOP (Same Origin Policy) and CDN SVG XSS

If an SVG file with an XSS payload is hosted on say and is loaded as a display picture on say, can the XSS payload within the SVG file access and steal cookies from ...
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2 answers

Is it practically possible to use SVGs to their full potential while still enjoying all protections offered by Content Security Policy (CSP)?

My understanding is that: SVGs offer far greater functionality if they are directly embedded in a site's HTML code via the <svg> tag than if they are linked to via the <img> tag For ...
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What sandbox does an <object> element run in? Can this sandbox be configured?

I run a site that displays user-generated SVGs. They are untrusted, so they need to be sandboxed. I currently embed these SVGs using <object> elements. (Unlike <img>, this allows loading ...
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File Upload Vulnerability SVG [closed]

I am currently doing a bug bounty program and was testing the company's file upload functionality. After meddling with the functionality for a while, I was able to change the extension of the uploaded ...
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How to prevent XSS attacks in ASP web application [closed]

In my web application, while doing the penetration testing two XSS vulnerabilities identified in some text input. that field testing using followin cheets, <script src="
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2 answers

Is there a way to execute XSS in an HTML img tag with SVG?

Is there a working technique to execute XSS in modern browsers using a SVG file displayed on a web page with an <img src=""> tag? I know a way to execute without <script> tag, but I don't ...
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1 answer

How to exploit SVG xlink-based SSRF

First, let me summarize how the SSRF works: 1) You setup an SVG image with a reference to your server via xlink. Here's an example that works: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?...
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XSS using SVG: Is AllowScriptAccess attribute ignored?

I was experimenting with some Anti-XSS solutions, and during my research, I found following the XSS vector in a cheatsheet: <EMBED SRC=" ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why/how is browser inserting inline SVGs at end of body?

Chrome is inserting the following SVG images at the bottom of pages: <span style="width: 24px; height: 24px; background: url(&quot;...
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8 votes
2 answers

Restrict JS in SVGs

Does anyone know of a way to prevent JS from running inside of an SVG or stripping out JS from an SVG? In my use case I'd prefer to keep the image as an SVG and not convert it to a JPG. I've thought ...
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1 answer

Could an SE question that runs an SVG from a private website potentially be dangerous?

This SE question (now deleted, so not easily viewed) contains an animated SVG that loads from a private website instead of the usual GIF's hosted by imgur. The line is: ![
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9 votes
1 answer

SVG files and billion laughs attack

SVG files are susceptible to billion laughs attack. Our website allows users to upload/submit markdown files and we run the .md file through marked.js before rendering it. Now images in the markdown ...
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1 answer

SVG virus/ malware with an extension on Google Chrome (one) [closed]

This question is about the SVG virus malware I got through Facebook, which adds a malicious Google Chrome extension. It's called one or ubo. Some articles write that it is ransomware. I think I ...
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15 votes
2 answers

How to prevent XSS in SVG file upload?

Currently assessing an application, I found out that it is possible to submit an SVG file containing JavaScript (the app is also vulnerable to XXE). I wondered if there was a method to prevent those ...
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Svg width element XSS

I'm working on a svg image generator. Now I want to set the user width and height value. Can a user exploit this element tags? And what should I do to make this secure? <?php $user_input = $...
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3 votes
1 answer

Can an XXE (XML External Entity) attack be carried out from within an SVG file?

Since SVG is built heavily if not entirely on XML, can one of the attacks that can be carried out through XML such as XXE injection be carried out from an SVG file?
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1 answer

Is it safe to allow arbitrary image formats in comments?

I know it’s not safe to allow arbitrary images in comments without proxying. I just saw this feature. It seems that all current user agents which implement it disable scripting and external resource ...
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3 answers

XSS in the context of a CDN

Say there is a website It hosts static content from a CDN, This site allows uploading an image, which will then be served from the CDN. This images can be SVGs and they are ...
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2 answers

Securely render SVG

How can I securely render SVG documents in a media sharing application? I think the same-origin policy might help a bit if I host the SVG documents on a separate domain and render them inside an <...
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2 answers

SVG-Snippets in Access-Log: Probe or Error?

I get some hits every then and there from different IPs, always the same scheme: GET /blah/Resources/Public/Css/data:image/svg+xml;base64,... HTTP/1.1" 404 795 "http://some.referer/" "Mozilla/4.0 (...
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16 votes
2 answers

Why does this XSS vector work in svg but not in HTML?

Why does this vector : <svg><script>alert&#40/1/.source&#41</script> works in and this one <script>alert&#40/1/.source&#41</...
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