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Swapping or paging is the process of storing working memory on the hard drive.

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If I hibernate my Linux distro (which has an encrypted partition) and store it in a unencrypted swap partition, can an attacker access all my data?

Is it possible? How? Should I encrypt my swap partition? If I don't encrypt it, basically I make encryption in the main partition useless.
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RAM as a attack target

What is the simplest or most common method to read a value, for example a text, from the RAM of a personal computer? What access requirements are necessary for this? Is a search in a hex dump always ...
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How to protect against SIM swap scammers?

SIM swap occurs where the scammer uses phished information about you to request a SIM card replacement from your cell phone carrier, by tricking them into believing that it is you who is making the ...
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Truecrypt and swap

I've got Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop and I use Truecrypt to store my confidential files. I've read that since Truecrypt does on the fly encryption, it only stores its decrypted content (and user's password ...
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Why are SWAP partitions good for security?

This page on server hardening has a large section on adding a SWAP partition. Why is adding a SWAP partition good for server hardening?
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Is the Windows paging file safe in the encrypted partition?

I came across this setting called ClearPageFileAtShutdown. The setting is described here and says: If you are truly worried about security, boot Windows off a fully-encrypted drive. Then you needn'...
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Possible security risk with disk encryption key getting swapped to the hard drive

I've recently read about the cold boot method, where it's possible to obtain the key for an encrypted filesystem from DRAM. This can be done even after the computer is turned off, but it requires ...
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Can malicious software be installed inside Linux swap partition?

Is it possible for a virus of any kind to be installed inside Linux swap partition? If so, could it be transferred to the system even after formatting the Linux partition only and reinstalling the OS (...
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Can I tell Linux not to swap out the data space of a specific process?

I need to be able to write a program that uses a secret value that I want to ensure never gets written to disk during a page swap. The value is securely entered when the program starts, and gets ...
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