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Switch security - Multicast brute force attack and random frame attack

I came across these attacks, but every explanation I come across lacks clarity Random Frame-Stress Attack: A large number of packets is generated, randomly varying several fields within each packet ...
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Should I be seeing network management protocols on 'user' subnets?

When performing a passive packet capture of a network, I have seen a large amount of traffic being broadcast using different protocols. These protocols are primarily used to perform some kind of ...
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What are the security issues can be exploited to VLAN switches to compromise network?

While VLAN switches can be used to provide security between network segments using VLAN filtering rules. Is there any possibility to have an security issue which is exploited to VLAN switches?
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When MAC flooding, why would an attacker specify IP addresses and/or TCP ports?

I'm specifically referring to the macof tool (part of the dsniff package). As I understand it, MAC flooding is meant to overload a switch's CAM table, which maps MAC addresses to switch ports. Where ...
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What are the cons of dhcp snooping, dynamic arp inspection and ip guard?

I read about a couple of layer 2 protections against dhcp starving, mac and ip spoofing- ip guard, dhcp snooping and dynamic arp inspection. Are there any cons or vulnerabilies which enable bypassing ...
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MAC Flooding detection

I am interested in the metrics of the attack. Is there any packet rate that can be considered a reasonable threshold to detect this attack from traffic perspective? Or this is completely connected to ...
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Intercept network traffic with a hub [closed]

If I plugged a hub inbetween a switch and firewall, that also had a device running wireshark or similar capture software connected, due to the way a hub operates, would I be able to read ALL of the ...
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What are the risks resulting from having a switch without strong access control directly facing the Internet?

At home I have a connection to my provider via glass fiber that provides two VLANs: IPTV and Internet. The structure of the network is exactly as shown in the following image, except for the phone ...
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Can you scan unmanaged switches with vulnerability scanners?

The target switches do not have IP addresses and most scanners require IPs as targets. Can you scan unmanaged switches with vulnerability scanners? What scanners can target layer 2?
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Router vs router + switch security

I need to add some more ethernet devices to my network. I'd like to keep the current router and the only possibility to add more interfaces would be USB ethernet / PCI ethernet adapters. I could also ...
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How WPA supplicant can determine whether switch supports authentication or not?

If a client(supplicant) configure to perform EAP-TLS authentication connects with a switch which doesn't requires authentication. How can supplicant determine that authentication is not required and ...
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What is the attack surface on a L2 switch?

I'm trying to figure out what makes a "top brand" switch better than a "cheap unknown brand" one with the same features. I often see security thrown in the mix, but really can't understand how this ...
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Do HP ProCurve 1810G Config files have password hashes or other sensitive info?

I'm backing up some switches and I'm wondering if this config file should be kept secure. It is in binary so I do not know what it contains. What do the config files contain?
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Security considerations for USB keyboard/mouse switches

I am considering purchasing a basic USB keyboard/mouse switching box in order to allow me to use the same keyboard and mouse with two different physical machines. This is similar to a KVM (keyboard ...
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Is VLAN Hopping through switch spoofing possible without DTP?

I've been reading about Switch Spoofing for some homework, and found that the attack is based on Cisco DTP protocol. In case I want to replicate the attack in class, I would use HP switch 2510 from ...
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Scanning a network via a hardline connection to a wired-switch NIC in promiscuous mode

Question from a CEHv9 exam preparation book: "When scanning a network via a hardline connection to a wired-switch NIC in promiscuous mode, what would be the extent of network traffic you would ...
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Could Nmap scan switches/routers

Nmap can scan and sometimes successfully detect the running OS in the remote host. However, can nmap scan routers and switches? Most of them use an embedded system.
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