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How did ntpd get patched to prevent NTP time synchronization attacks?

I recently tested the NTP Time Synchronization Attack as described and demonstrated by Jose Selvi in 2015. Basically, the attack was mostly used to send the victim's clock in the future, so the ...
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Could an attack on time synchronization with a Galileo Satellite be used to spoof navigation messages with TESLA-based authentication?

I read about an attack on the TESLA protocol which will be used in Galileo's navigation message authentication (Full article can be found here: Basically, ...
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Does Apple have access to the cryptographic keys to decrypt Safari Sync Data?

I was reading over iOS's security guide, and it is unclear to me whether Apple can accessed synced Safari data. For example, if Apple received a FISA Order for all information on iCloud on all ...
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Is there a way to check if Google Drive is scanning folders other than the ones I have synced?

I have a piece of software that monitors C:\Folder1. It keeps it in sync with C:\Folder2. It encrypts everything in C:\Folder2. I want to sync Folder2 to my Google Drive. But this additional ...
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Is quarantine threats absolutely necessary? Every time I do, all my Chrome tabs crash

I have been talking backwards and forwards with a MalwareByte support, because every time I run 'quarantine threats' all my Chrome tabs crash. This guy keeps asking me to switch Google sync off, and ...