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Can correlation attacks (end-to-end confirmation) be used as a defense?

Just speculating here. So just like timing and data sizes are used to correlate from end to end on a Tor network to deanonymize a user, can the same method be used on a single device to monitor and ...
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How can I capture a chronological record of the clients connected to a specific standalone AP?

I want to have a chronological/historical graph showing what times each client was connected to an AP using either airodump-ng with a simple script or some other free and open tool.
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Maximally using available bandwidth to masking data transfer and mitigate VPN correlation attacks

As of a week ago, I now find myself living in one of the more oppressively surveilled states in the world. I do not like this on ideological grounds. Therefore, I will acquire a vpn subscription for ...
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Deanonymizing Tor circuit by having access to all the circuit's relays

Given you have access to THE NETWORKING (not the devices, just their networking, as if you were their ISP) of all the 3 relays that a circuit is using, could you time-correlate all the nodes of the ...
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