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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and/or TLS (Transport Layer Security)

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How does SSL/TLS work?

How does SSL work? I just realised we don't actually have a definitive answer here, and it's something worth covering. I'd like to see details in terms of: A high level description of the protocol. ...
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What's the difference between SSL, TLS, and HTTPS?

I get confused with the terms in this area. What is SSL, TLS, and HTTPS? What are the differences between them?
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Is BASIC-Auth secure if done over HTTPS?

I'm making a REST-API and it's straight forward to do BASIC auth login. Then let HTTPS secure the connection so the password is protected when the api is used. Can this be considered secure?
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How is it possible that people observing an HTTPS connection being established wouldn't know how to decrypt it?

I've often heard it said that if you're logging in to a website - a bank, GMail, whatever - via HTTPS, that the information you transmit is safe from snooping by 3rd parties. I've always been a little ...
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What is certificate pinning?

I'm superficially familiar with SSL and what certs do. Recently I saw some discussion on cert pinning but there wasn't a definition. A DDG search didn't turn up anything useful. What is certificate ...
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CRIME - How to beat the BEAST successor?

With the advent of CRIME, BEAST's successor, what possible protection is available for an individual and/or system owner in order to protect themselves and their users against this new attack on TLS?
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SSL3 "POODLE" Vulnerability

Canonical question regarding the recently disclosed padding oracle vulnerability in SSL v3. Other identical or significantly similar questions should be closed as a duplicate of this one. What is the ...
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My college is forcing me to install their SSL certificate. How to protect my privacy?

My college administration is forcing us to install Cyberoam Firewall SSL certificate so that they can view all the encrypted traffic to "improve our security". If I don't install the certificate than ...
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What is the difference between and

Is it there any difference between the encrypted Google search (at and the ordinary HTTPS Google search (at In terms of security what were the ...
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8 answers

What is the difference between SSL vs SSH? Which is more secure?

What is the difference between SSH and SSL? Which one is more secure, if you can compare them together? Which has more potential vulnerabilities?
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Does https prevent man in the middle attacks by proxy server?

There is a desktop client A connecting to website W in a https connection A --> W Somehow between A and W, there is a proxy G. A --> G --> W In this case, will G be able to get the ...
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How do mobile carriers know video resolution over HTTPS connections?

Verizon is modifying their "unlimited" data plans. Customers in the USA can stream video at 480p -or- pay to unlock higher resolutions (both 720p and +1080p). They are not the only mobile carrier to ...
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Is visiting HTTPS websites on a public hotspot secure?

It's often said that HTTPS SSL/TLS connections are encrypted and said to be secure because the communication between the server and me is encrypted (also provides server authentication) so if someone ...
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Difference between .pfx and .cert certificates

What is the difference between .pfx and .cert certificate files? Do we distribute .pfx or .cert for client authentication?
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13 answers

https security - should password be hashed server-side or client-side?

I am building a web application which requires users to login. All communication goes through https. I am using bcrypt to hash passwords. I am facing a dilemma - I used to think it is safer to make a ...
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How do I run proper HTTPS on an Internal Network?

This question has been asked several times, I'll link a few:
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2 answers

What is DROWN and how does it work?

There is a new recent attack "on TLS" named "DROWN". I understand that it appears to use bad SSLv2 requests to recover static (certificate) keys. My question is: How? How can you recover static ...
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Which security measures make sense for a static web site?

I have a static web site. Users cannot log in or perform any other actions. Which of the common HTTP security measures make sense for my site? Do I need any of these? HTTPS Strict transport security ...
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Is there any technical security reason not to buy the cheapest SSL certificate you can find?

While shopping for a basic SSL cert for my blog, I found that many of the more well-known Certificate Authorities have an entry-level certificate (with less stringent validation of the purchaser's ...
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What's the purpose of DH Parameters?

For a Diffie–Hellman (D-H) key exchange (TLS) the server generates a prime p and a generator g, which is a primitive root modulo p. When setting up a webserver with SSL/TLS (e.g. nginx) one can use a ...
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Is it safe to include an API key in a request's URL?

Lately I've seen plenty of APIs designed like this: curl "" Isn't it elementary that passing an API key in a query string as a part of ...
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Let's Encrypt for intranet websites?

Many companies have intranet websites that are not reachable via the internet. Usually they just use a self-signed certificate, which causes a bad habit for the users since they get used to just ...
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130 votes
5 answers

How do I use "openssl s_client" to test for (absence of) SSLv3 support?

In order to mitigate the "Poodle" vulnerability, I'd like to disable SSLv3 support in my (in this case, TLS, rather than HTTPS) server. How can I use openssl s_client to verify that I've done this?
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Should SSL be terminated at a load balancer?

When hosting a cluster of web application servers it’s common to have a reverse proxy (HAProxy, Nginx, F5, etc.) in between the cluster and the public internet to load balance traffic among app ...
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How is the Heartbleed exploit even possible?

I have read about the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability and understand the concept. However what I don't understand is the part where we pass 64k as the length and the server returns 64kb of random ...
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Attacking an office printer?

I did an nmap scan on an advanced office printer that has a domain name and is accessible from outside the corporate network. Surprisingly I found many open ports like http:80, https:443, and svrloc:...
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What certificates are needed for multi-level subdomains?

I'm working on a web site with a several levels of subdomains. I need to secure all of them with SSL, and I'm trying to determine the correct certificate strategy. Here's what I need to secure: foo....
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Does an established HTTPS connection mean a line is really secure?

From the view of somebody offering a web application, when somebody connects with TLS (https) to our service and submits the correct authentication data, is it safe to transmit all sensitive data over ...
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I can't access websites that use HTTPS, instead getting the message "your connection is not private"!

I found myself suddenly unable to access websites that use HTTPS, so I contacted my service provider, and they asked me to install a certificate in the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store. But ...
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11 answers

Should I change the private key when renewing a certificate?

My security department insists that I (the system administrator) make a new private key when I want a SSL certificate renewed for our web servers. They claim it's best practice, but my googling ...
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Is it safe to send clear usernames/passwords on a https connection to authenticate users?

I'm setting up a home HTTP server which can send and receive JSON data to/from different clients (Android and iPhone apps). I'd like to allow access only to certain users and I'm considering using a ...
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6 answers

Why should I offer HTTP in addition to HTTPS?

I am setting up a new webserver. In addition to TLS/HTTPS, I'm considering implementing Strict-Transport-Security and other HTTPS-enforcement mechanisms. These all seem to be based on the assumption ...
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Now that it is 2015, what SSL/TLS cipher suites should be used in a high security HTTPS environment?

It has become quite difficult to configure an HTTPS service that maintains "the ideal transport layer". How should an HTTPS service be configured to permit some reasonable level of compatibility while ...
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How does SSLstrip work?

I've been reading up on SSLstrip and I'm not 100% sure on my understanding of how it works. A lot of documentation seems to indicate that it simply replaces occurrences of "https" with "http" in ...
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What is ECDHE-RSA?

What is the difference between ECDHE-RSA and DHE-RSA? I know that DHE-RSA is (in one sentence) Diffie Hellman signed using RSA keys. Where DH is used for forward secrecy and RSA guards against MITM, ...
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How can my employer be a man-in-the-middle when I connect to Gmail? [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand SSL/TLS. What follows are a description of a scenario and a few assumptions which I hope you can confirm or refute. Question How can my employer be a man-in-the-middle when ...
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What is the difference between an X.509 "client certificate" and a normal SSL certificate?

I am setting up a web service through which my company will talk to a number of business customers' services. We will be exchanging information using SOAP. I would like to handle authentication with ...
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Are there any downsides to using Let's Encrypt for a website's SSL certificates?

On the advantages side, I see several benefits to using the Let's Encrypt service (e.g., the service is free, easy to setup, and easy to maintain). I'm wondering what, if any, are the disadvantages to ...
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Can my company see what HTTPS sites I went to?

At work my company uses internet monitoring software (Websense). I know if I visit a https ssl-encrypted site (such as they can't see what I'm doing on the site since all ...
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10 answers

Why do we not trust an SSL certificate that expired recently?

Every SSL certificate has an expiration date. Now suppose some site's certificate expired an hour ago or a day ago. All the software by default will either just refuse to connect to the site or issue ...
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15 answers

Why would someone "double encrypt"?

If I have a website or mobile app, that speaks to the server through a secured SSL/TLS connection (i.e. HTTPS), and also encrypt the messages sent and received in-between user and server on top of the ...
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SSL Certificate framework 101: How does the browser verify the validity of a given server certificate?

(I have a basic understanding of public/private key, hashing, digital signatures... I have been searching online & stack forums last couple days but cannot seem to find a satisfactory answer.) ...
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How to determine if a browser is using an SSL or TLS connection?

I want to know whether my browser is using SSL or TLS connection if I see HTTPS. I want to know for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I want to know the protocol version.
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How feasible is it for a CA to be hacked? Which default trusted root certificates should I remove?

This question has been revised & clarified significantly since the original version. If we look at each trusted certificate in my Trusted Root store, how much should I trust them? What factors ...
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7 answers

How do I secure my REST API?

In detail here's the problem: I'm building an Android app, which consumes my REST API on the back-end. I need to build a Registration and Login API to begin with. After searching with Google for a ...
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What prevents me from buying a SSL certificate for a domain I don't control?

Can I simply build a webserver, make its hostname "", create a CSR off that server, and send that to a Certificate Authority for signing? Let's say I pick the cheapest and dodgiest outfit I ...
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ssltest: Chain issues - Contains anchor

I've run ssltest on web application and it found "Chain issues - Contains anchor" (section "Additional Certificates (if supplied)") What does it mean? Should it be fixed? Can it be exploited?
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Are all SSL Certificates equal?

After running a few tests from Qualsys' SSL Labs tool, I saw that there were quite significant rating differences between a GoDaddy and VeriSign certificate that I have tested against. Are all SSL ...
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What layer is TLS?

TLS stands for "transport layer security". And the list of IP protocol numbers includes "TLSP" as "Transport Layer Security Protocol". These two things would leave me to believe that TLS is a ...
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What is Logjam and how do I prevent it?

I heard there is a "new" TLS vulnerability named Logjam, what does it do and how do I prevent it?
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