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Where to get an SSL certificate for personal website?

I would like to use https to login to my personal webpage (which is on shared hosting). So I went over to google and started searching for sollutions. Eventualy I found out that I need an SSL ...
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On iOS, what's the benefit of OpenSSL over using CFStream, CFNetwork etc. for secure sockets?

I asked this already on Stack Overflow, here. I was told I might find answers here.
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6 answers

Can Javascript/Flash verify the SSL connection to prevent "SSL Inspection"?

I'd like to determine if an SSL webpage is being debugged through Fiddler, or if it's going through an SSL Proxy. So some people may ask What is the point of re-validating SSL using javascript? ...
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Is BASIC-Auth secure if done over HTTPS?

I'm making a REST-API and it's straight forward to do BASIC auth login. Then let HTTPS secure the connection so the password is protected when the api is used. Can this be considered secure?
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Are there security issues with embedding an HTTPS iframe on an HTTP page?

I've seen websites placing HTTPS iframes on HTTP pages. Are there any security concerns with this? Is it secure to transmit private information like credit card details in such a scheme (where the ...
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SFTP, FTPS and SecureFTP differences and security implications

What are the basic differences and security implications of using SFTP, FTPS and SecureFTP.
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Why is Firesheep Unable to Session Hijack over SSL?

Why is Firesheep unable to session hijack when a user is using SSL?
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Should we configure all devices to never request SSL 2.0, and reject it if offered?

In an effort to reduce man in the middle attacks, when will it be (or was it) an industry accepted practice to reject SSL 2.0 connections on the client and server side? Is configuring this on a proxy ...
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27 votes
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What are the differences between the versions of TLS?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that SSLv3 and TLSv1 is just a rename of the earlier protocol... but TLSv1 adds the ability to have secured and unsecured traffic on the same ...
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81 votes
13 answers

What are the pros and cons of site wide SSL (https)?

What are the pros and cons of encrypting all HTTP traffic for the whole site through SSL, as opposed to SSL on just the login page?
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4 answers

What kinds of SSL certificates are usable for encryption?

I know that Verizon SSL certificates cost close to $600. There are couple of cheap alternatives, but I never really understood why Verizon does not offer such certificates. Look for RapidSSL at ...
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What is the best way to verify the SSL configuration of my web server?

How do I ensure I have my SSL configuration setup securely?
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How can I check that my cookies are only sent over encrypted https and not http?

I read a blog post GitHub moves to SSL, but remains Firesheepable that claimed that cookies can be sent unencrypted over http even if the site is only using https. They write that a cookie should be ...
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Does it matter which Certificate Authority I source my SSL Certificate from?

To secure my web site with HTTPS, does it matter which company I source my SSL certificate from, or just that the browser recognizes it? From the Area51 proposal.
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What is the best option for setting up a several sites supporting SSL on the same IP?

If multiple hostnames are hosted on the same IP, it's not straight forward to allow them to support https. What are the best options in terms of browser support and/or web server support?
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Does an established HTTPS connection mean a line is really secure?

From the view of somebody offering a web application, when somebody connects with TLS (https) to our service and submits the correct authentication data, is it safe to transmit all sensitive data over ...
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