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Does hping support FTP Bounce scanning?

Does hping support FTP Bounce scanning? I googled it, but I couldn't find its command, so I think it didn't support it. I just find command for nmap not hping.
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How can I perform DAST on protocols other than HTTP/HTTPS

How can I perform DAST on protocols other than HTTP/HTTPS in case of a web application which does not have an URL but communicates with many other systems to pull or push data.
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Cancel OpenSSL RSA key generation via command line

I'm running macOS 10.12.1 with OpenSSL 0.9.8zh 14 Jan 2016 When generating an RSA key with the OpenSSL cli you are prompted to enter your passphrase. With most command-line interfaces pressing C-d ...
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Simulation vs Formal Analysis of Authentication Protocols

I received a review for my journal paper in which we proposed WOOlim or nspk kind of authentication protocols. We proved the strength of our protocol with rigorous formal methods using CSP and rank ...
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Sysinternals tool suite not working on low priv shell

Currently oscp student. I asked this on the oscp forum yesterday, but no responses so far. I am new to infosec, but have 18 years of education / work experience in IT. As far as I can tell, ...
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Preferred features of CDN with DDoS?

I am putting together a presentation comparing CDN services that also provide DDoS protection. I have to do a really good job on this and I'm not a security expert. For lack of direction, I've copied ...
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Does whosthere.exe of pth toolkit have to run with administrative rights?

To see the users that are connected to the machine and they're pass hashes with Whosthere.exe, do I have to run it as an administrator?
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What are the top visualization tools out there for threat investigation?

cybersecurity professionals! I'm a researcher at a large danish university, and I've been fortunate to secure funding for a project aimed at enhancing the visualization of threat investigations in ...
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Hacking Attempt Requests Not showing Up on Webserver Logs But Google Analytics Shows it

Which hacking tool makes a request and does not show up on web-server logs? /en/latest/ has been requested over 116, we don't have this URL on the website at all! The request to that URL does not show ...
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Difference between update and upgrade in ptf

What is the difference between update and upgrade when using a module in ptf (Penetration Testers Framework) ?
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