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Tor (short for The onion router) is a system intended to enable online anonymity. Tor client software routes Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network of servers in order to conceal a user's location or usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis. For non-security questions about Tor, see our sister site Tor Stack Exchange.

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How to connect Tor to the web using a specific server?

Some websites restrict access based on which country the accessing IP comes from. I'd like to use TOR to circumvent such restrictions. So I'd like to use an exit node that's located in a specific ...
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What technologies are recommended for E-banking? [closed]

If a Linux user need use his bank account from Internet, then what technologies and procedures should use? Is better to use the Guest Account (if exist) of the OS, or an Administrator Account? What ...
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Why is it so hard to close onion domains (e.g. The Silkroad)?

A few months ago when I started to experiment with bitcoin I came across The Silkroad (only accessible via Tor) For those who do not know what Tor is and who do not want to waste their time ...
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How does Tor protect against fake entry nodes / total redirection?

There is much material on how to protect yourself from malicious exit nodes, especially by using SSL and minimizing the leakage of identifying information (user-agent, screen size, etc.). However, I ...
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Tor and sniffing data

If I'm not mistaken, Tor works opening a random anonymous path between two hosts using others computers that have Tor installed no? Then... everybody can sniff the data of the others no? Just wait ...
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How are tor hidden nodes/services found?

Tor has "hidden services", which have an address like duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion. Now I was wondering: how is this duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion name mapped to the real server? I don't think there's a central ...
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Is Tor used to perform hostile hacking?

I was wondering, if in order to protect myself from hostile hacking, should I consider access via Tor to be OK to perform e.g. havoc without anyone being able to track my IP back?
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Using tor with SET to bypass firewall policy?

I'm doing a credential harvesting attack using SET from backtrack. I want to sent a spoof email using an open relay server. However, any outbound connection for smtp is blocked by the firewall. I ...
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anonymization for scanning and hacking

What kind of anonymization can be used for scanning and exploiting? Of course there are VPNs and VPS, but thats a different story. I know some scanning can be done via TOR, but how can an exploit or ...
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Advanced techniques for detecting a proxy/getting original IP

In what manner can a website detect my original IP address, even though I'm using a proxy server? I've noticed this with a few sites. There are four proxy methods I've used: Firefox with a proxy ...
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tor and widecap dns leak

I am using a program that I coded in C#. All it does is use HttpWebRequest to request some pages and read info from them. I tried running it through Tor. I installed the Vidalia Bundle and Widecap. My ...
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How do you properly setup Tor on Windows 7?

How do you properly setup Tor on a Windows 7 box to guarantee that ALL connections will run through Tor?
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Interesting article on a vulnerability found in Tor

This article describes how French researchers compromised users using Tor. I'm not sure I fully understand or agree with it. I don't see what Bit Torrent has to do with anything? I mean they start out ...
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How to run a Tor exit node securely on a vps

I want to run a TOR exit node on a vps, what security measures do I have to put in place on the vps? I know it will be a huge target for hackers and the three letter word agencies in the USA so I need ...
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What does Bluffdale mean for privacy?

I posted a question related to tracing webserver attacks over here and the responses got me google-ing. My understanding has always been that privacy is dead and that essentially there's always ...
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Are there any same origin issues (SOP) with TOR?

Are there any issues with Same Origin Policy (SOP) with TOR or *.onion addresses? I'm thinking of cookies Plugins (Silverlight, Flash, Java, etc) Javascript
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How does know if you're using Tor?

I'm looking at the results from the following URL and would like to know how does the Tor Project website "know" that Tor is being used or not.
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Does Tor Hidden Service Protocol provide more threat protection than a standard HTTPS session?

DuckDuckGo is a search engine that has a Tor Exit Enclave and hidden service. This site is focused on the safe, secure searching of its users. Since DNS is not used in Tor, it appears that HTTPS is ...
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Tor: requesting a tor website

When you have a website that's hosted within the Tor network and one accesses this website with a Tor browser, does this person still use an exit-node ? Or will this be an encrypted connection ...
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How anonymous is my setup?

my friend and I are trying to make the most anonymous setup for a computer to do things across the internet without being known the location from which it came. Our setup is as follows: A windows ...
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Bypassing a captive portal with tor

I know that NSXTS and Iodine can be used to bypass a captive portal by taking advantage of permissive DNS firewall rules. What I have found recently is that simply by using Tor, I can also bypass a ...
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How much can I trust Tor?

How much can I depend on Tor for anonymity? Is it completely secure? My usage is limited to accessing Twitter and Wordpress. I am a political activist from India and I do not enjoy the freedom of ...
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