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Practice of registering domain names that may be mistaken for widely used sites (e.g. `` instead of ``) when the user tries to type in the URL. May be used for phishing credentials and/or spreading malware.

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Why don't bigger companies buy similar domains to their main domain to prevent typosquatting?

One big threat out there is typosquat domains. For example instead of: some malicious actor will register the domain and set up his fake steam login. Why do ...
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Protecting an external authentication server against CSRF

I have a web application which uses an external authentication server for obtaining a session. When a client tries to login, the browser is making requests towards the external authentication server ...
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2 answers

How much damage can a malicious package do with just "npm install <package>"?

I had a typo and npm installed something that is similar in name to something very popular -- I was concerned about typosquatting. It's quite plausibly legitimate and just a coincidence. I looked at ...
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Has someone quantified how much more effective typodomains are than random websites in phishing attacks?

Has someone done an actual study on how effective typo domains are versus random websites in phishing links? I am trying to justify the expense of going after typosquatters and the possibility of the ...
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4 answers

Should I buy nonsense domains just to make sure my clients don't visit a misspelled domain?

I have my new website to be published (it's called I will have thousands of clients visiting my site every month, and I would like to protect them around and at the site. Is it worth ...
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Was actually crazy malware in 2006?

This video shows how somebody accidentally opens instead of He gets flooded with pop-ups, SpySheriff or SpywareSTOP get installed automatically, and the computer user has no ...
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My Lantern cloud server has a domain name that looks like typo-squatting, should I be worried?

Lantern is an app to avoid censorship. It is hosted at I just noticed that the cloud server my client is using is actually Notice the i in getiantern ...
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Is Google Drive security compromised?

Today when I visited, I was auto-directed to After clicking on "Exit Now" on that page I was redirected to
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