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Is UPnP still insecure?

In today's world, on equipment that is properly updated to the latest software/firmware, is UPnP still insecure, or have its vulnerabilities been fixed?
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2 answers

Found an application (Whatsapp) initiating UPnP requests, is it something that I should worry about?

I have logged in into my router using the web interface. I was checking UPnP forwarding (which is enabled by default), and found out that whatsapp is initiating a UPnP request on port 65072. Is ...
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Is Chromecast's UPnP requirement "a security nightmare"?

I'd like to use Chromecast on our office network. Doing so requires enabling UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). A quick search turns up statements like this: The US Department of Homeland Security is ...
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How UPnP is vulnerable if the attacker is not connected in the same network?

I read a lot about UPnP vulnerability and I understand it to some extent. What I don't understand is how attacker will attack if he is not connected to the same network. I read how attacker can do ...
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Why is home Windows 10 machine listening on port 8080 by default?

Ever since we upgraded one of our home windows machines to Windows 10, Kaspersky has been logging blocked network intrusion attempts over port 8080. The exploit is a strange one and tries to hit a ...
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Why is uPnP settings in router showing external IP address and WhatsApp as app description?

I was fiddling with my router's uPnP settings and found this: Why is an external IP address showing here? I also did a reverse IP search and to my surprise the IP showed "UK Ministry ...
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Secure operation of IoT equipment?

In the light of recent events around Mirai not being the only IoT botnet, but being joined by IoTroop / IoT_reaper (see here and here ), I wondered what steps need to be taken to securely operate an ...
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How do you change the password of an IoT device like a DVR box?

The above picture is Brian Krebs responding with advice about protecting yourself from the IoT hacks. It's common advice given for protecting IoT devices from attacks like the Mirai botnet. My ...
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How does my ipcamera work despite UPnP disabled on home router? [closed]

Recently I bought an IPcamera in order to test its security. Unfortunately, it just has 2 ports open : 554/tcp RTSP 5000/tcp UPnP I was pretty sure the ipcamera would poke my router and open up ...
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What could re-enable uPnP on router apart from malware?

I'm the sole person who has access to this router. I turned uPnP off and have twice found it turned back on in recent weeks. The Router is Asus DSL-AC68U. I have a VPN running at the router level, ...
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Whatsapp requests UPnP [duplicate]

What info is taken when WhatsApp requests UPnP? Is it hacked? What does it do with UPnP? I have checked many websites but the answer is the same, that UPnP is harmful. But I want full details about ...
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