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an industry standard used for connecting to and powering peripheral devices (keyboards, mice, cameras, printers, external hard drives, etc) from a computer or other USB capable device.

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How difficult is the USB firmware attack? [closed]

Not really new but it's all over the news right now. You can hack a USB firmware to run an attack by emulating a keyboard. I wonder how difficult it is create an USB thumb that emulates a keyboard. ...
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Can the USB standard be altered to prevent the "firmware attack"? [duplicate]

Wired, and others are reporting on a research paper by Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell. The paper apparently shows how any USB device (not just memory sticks) can be infected with malware at the firmware ...
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Anti-sniffer for USB [closed]

I'm looking for a Windows utility that can list all drivers, driver-filters, services, sniffers and other information for a selected USB port. I want to check if my "USB connection" is confidential.
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Can a connected USB device read all data from the USB bus?

Is it possible for a (malicious) (hardware) USB device to access all the data that is transferred through the USB bus and then read/store this information, essentially sniffing all transferred data? ...
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