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Why Say IP Addresses Are Harmless?

Whenever I see someone on the internet ask the question, "Can someone find out my IP Address from my tweets/my tumblr/facebook posts/whatever else", the response I always see is, "Who cares! An IP ...
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How can I detect real location of the user through their IP address?

There were many ways to detect the user's IP, for instance we could get it through a single click link or through any other medium of communication where we could get the user's IP. But the tedious ...
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Identify Unique Computer through Tracking

How are websites able to uniquely track my computer? I'm aware of: Cookies/Tracking, Super Cookies(HTML5 Cache), IP, Referrer, UA etc I have been experimenting with Private Proxies and VPNs, but I ...
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How does Facebook track your browsing without third party cookies?

Facebook has served me an ad for a website I visited earlier in the day. I have third party cookies disabled and have not followed any links between the website and Facebook (links which could contain ...
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How does sending referrer HTTP headers protect against CSRF attacks?

How does sending referrer HTTP headers protect against CSRF attacks? I tried logging into an HTTPS site with Firefox's network.http.sendRefererHeader set to 0 (i.e., completely disabled, as a measure ...
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What information about me do stores get via my credit card?

Lets say I buy something at some (physical) store and pay using a credit card on one of these electronic terminals. What information do the owners of this store get about me (or my credit card) from ...
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How is Skype showing ads from my Google search history?

I can understand when I see the same ads across websites, and ads similar to my search history. Some tracking magic through cookies - fine. But Skype has been showing me ads for exact terms I ...
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Someone keeps using my email address. What to do?

I have had a GMail ever since it was created, so it's an email address that is easy to remember, but also easy for somebody else to get confused with. Since I'm not going to post my email address ...
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How to detect, inspect and delete a super cookie of a specific website? [closed]

Definition of supercookie from the paper I am reading: "Supercookies settle in parts of the system that are harder to erase, and include the usage of Flash Local Shared Objects and IE Local ...
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Can a telephone call be traced back to my location?

Basically the title, can a simple telephone call be traced back to my location like seen in the common movies, and if so, what are the ways to prevent this from happening?
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Can my customer's ISP trace who visited my business website?

I own a private business and a web site with a domain name hosted with Godaddy US. I live in Europe. I want to know if the various ISP of my customers in my country can find out who visited my web ...
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Listening to phone calls as user profiling for marketing [closed]

I had a landline phone call about xyz with an xyz-expert (also on landline) for about an hour, for the first time. After couple of days I started getting suggested links on websites as an ad exactly ...
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Does this CSS code expose if a message is read, and how long they have been reading it?

This email analytics company offers an 'engagement metric' that shows how much time someone spends looking at an email, whether the email is printed or deleted. They also claim it works in pretty ...
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Does a chain of proxies (e.g. one connecting to another and another and so on) make tracing the original IP harder/impossible?

I see nobody here has asked this question. What if one, instead of just using a single proxy, connected a proxy-to-proxy in a very long chain and downloaded something (illegal) using secure packets (...
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Preventing tracking pixels on Mozilla Thunderbird

Is there a way to prevent loading of tracking pixels on Mozilla Thunderbird ? I know there's a way to prevent loading images by default but I'd like to be able to load images without having to worry ...
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Can a web app fingerprint your device as identical to a native app's fingeprint

I have installed an app on Android and my account got shadowbanned. I sniffed out the traffic with fiddler and see they use a analytics service that assigns your device a fingerprint. I tried the web ...
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How is Google's Sidewalk Lab's Free Wifi Hotspot Tracking me?

Elaborating from this question : Bluetooth/WiFi Identity tracking in public spaces - How to discover? Questions: How are they tracking me : From a hardware perspective Is it a mac address that they ...
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How do open (no password) wireless networks deal with abuse?

Many places today such as restaurants, malls, and other public places have free and open WiFi that does not need a password or login information to access. That means that anyone, even people outside ...
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Does blocking ads and deleting cookies improve privacy online?

I'm not sure if this is the right community for this kind of question, but here goes. When I browse the web, here is what I do: I always use uBlock I usually use Self-Destructing Cookies to delete ...
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Is there any authentication system whose protocol always notifies the "target account" of impersonation?

There are many forms of impersonation: Sudo in *nix Application impersonation (send as in Exchange) Any privileged user (helpdesk) logging in as a user so to not disclose the password RunAs ...
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Will VPN on a mobile device hide location?

I have installed a VPN on my phone from a reputable VPN provider (paid VPN service, publicly rated as top 10 globally), Can my phone location (longitude & latitude) still be traced by third-party ...
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Best way to learn every way I am tracked online? [closed]

Is there a course or resource for a person with basic networking skills to see all ways a website like FB or Google can track and identify users + how to spoof them and look natural? Not for malicious ...
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What information can be gained from an Email Header?

What information is present in an Email Header that can be used to track a sent mail? For example, are some of these present? Web Browser used? Operating system Type of Network (broadband/dial up)? ...
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Can a webpage track that I have downloaded the page source/webarchive?

Can a webpage track that I have downloaded the page source/webarchive? Specifically on Safari. I understand that accessing a webpage via GET is already traceable back to the requester (me), but if I ...
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When my location is turned on can someone track me? [closed]

When the location is turned on can someone track me without me sharing my location with them?
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