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How does Facebook Pixel's new first-party cookie work?

Facebook recently announced that they will begin offering a first-party cookie option for the Facebook Pixel. Previously, they only used third-party cookies. From their documentation: You can now use ...
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Can Apple and Google bypass the decentralised COVID-19 tracing approach (DP-3T)?

Many thoughts have been spent on creating the decentralised, minimum-knowledge contact tracing approach DP-3T. This has been implemented in contact tracing apps of several countries, e. g. the German ...
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Can I trace malicious email sent through a cloud hosting service?

Around the time my phone started acting like it was hacked, I was sent a suspicious email that opened automatically into a website without clicking on anything. I tracked it to a cloud hosting service....
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How to group user actions within the same session?

I'm working on enterprise application where it's needed to audit all user actions (data modification, settings changing etc.) within their work session. What is the best way to group all that actions ...
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How can I identify invisible online tracking images?

This question refers to invisible 1 pixel images that are placed on web pages to track you via how your browser renders the image. Is there any potential way to discover these images despite them ...
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Is Microsoft trying to brush the Diagnostics Tracking Service under the rug?

I was working my way through disabling all of the spyware Microsoft has put into Windows 7 when I came across this Google result: "Sep 11, 2015 - Describes an update that enables the Diagnostics ...
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How does phone tracking by police work?

For android phones in India can police get a phone's IMEI number just by using that phone's number? also suppose if a phone was moving around within few miles radius for few days and it was turned ...
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Does Safari's "Prevent cross-site tracking" option ACTUALLY prevent determined efforts at cross-site tracking? (By, e.g. Facebook)

In other words: Does Safari's "Prevent cross-site tracking" option effectively prevent cross-site tracking? (Is it for purpose?) I though it would work; are my expectations off? Or, more ...
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I have CSRF protection implemented server side, can I safely use `SameSite=None; Secure; HttpOnly`?

We have a web service where GET is always safe and all unsafe POST requests use single-use CSRF tokens. We have some cases where cross-origin domain would need to pass us POST request with data that ...
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Facebook retargeting pixel

Given a commercial website and a user with a Facebook account in, the user has third-party cookies disabled in the browser. If a user is logged in their Facebook account and ...
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Digital Camera Fingerprinting via Instagram and Snapchat

I was going through one of the articles on camera fingerprinting that says that using most basic Instagram or Snapchat filters will not get rid of the camera fingerprint. However, changing the ...
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Why does the task switcher shows the background app in preview?

Normally on android devices, the task switcher shows screenshot of the last state of the app in preview. But on my device for Facebook, it shows the screenshot of the background app instead of ...
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Risk considerations with using Hotjar tracking service

Recently have received requested to implement Hotjar service on our e-commerce solution. This is a user tracking / heatmap tracking service that essential tracks all user interactions with your site ...
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If earlier the SIM card is used in multiple mobile device; can we find or trace those mobile's imei numbers?

Can we trace the imei numbers of mobile devices in which SIM card was used previously, & if it was used in multiple mobile devices?
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Can one scan multiple websites for tracking cookies and beacons?

Are there any tools or techniques that allow a scan of multiple sites for the use of tracking cookies, beacons, web bugs, or offsite javascript includes? As far as I can tell, major web application ...
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Can malicious files be traced and removed from my phone

I had a files analysis done on my phone using Falcon Sandbox. An alarming amount of malicious files,marked as clean, were found,identified,and shown each capable abilities. Literally THE ONLY thing of ...
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AWS IAM Access Issue

We previously had some AWS keys. The IAM interface show/showed no usage for it but the employee has been able to upload resources. Could anyone advise how to check if the interface is just erring or ...
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I now receive advertisements from a site used by a guest on my wifi she was on OS X I'm running LInux did they track my IP address only?

I seems a little strange that the only thing in common between me and my guest is that she was on my wifi and thus using my wan ip address, yet I am receiving advertising from a site she used. I'm ...
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Tracking user's private link on google analytics: will it be a security issue for GDPR?

Our web portal track page access with google analytics. The access link will be then tracked and exposed in google analytics reports. As the portal include personally identifiable information (PII), ...
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How would the identity of a company be discovered through banner ads?

Our company has started researching using a new tech. We started seeing banner ads for a consulting company "with expertise in" this new tech. The recently we had a call from someone representing ...
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How can I trace MAC address of not asosciated devices in my WiFi network?

I'm looking for hints to solve my problem. I would like to trace all devices that are in my surroundings. I know how do it when someone already access to my WiFi network, but I'm also interested to ...
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