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Trace facebook user ip. Is it even possible?

As I know facebook chat is working like user <> server <> user and it's not P2P. I was talking with some guys today and they were pretty sure it's possible to netstat a facebook user IP ...
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Can my customer's ISP trace who visited my business website?

I own a private business and a web site with a domain name hosted with Godaddy US. I live in Europe. I want to know if the various ISP of my customers in my country can find out who visited my web ...
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what info can web bugs track?

From EFF's Web Bug FAQ(point 6), What information is sent to a server when a Web Bug is viewed? The IP address of the computer that fetched the Web Bug The URL of the page that the Web ...
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how is Google Ads managing to track me? (even if I don't keep cookies!??) [duplicate]

NOTE: in this question I am interested in discovering the actual method used by Google to track me -in my particular case- and in exploring eventual ways to circumvent it. This is completely different ...
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What is cleardot.gif next to the senders signature in Gmail? [closed]

I am concerned that my computer has been compromised because I sent an email out - but now I noticed that there is a link in the email I did not insert, and I am worried I have a virus or something. ...
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Is it possible to find who posted comment on my blogspot anonymously?

Problem Behind question : I own an blogspot site and people used to come and comment on my posts. In recent days I can see a spammer who comments anonymously on my every blog-posts. The comments were ...
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Does using Google DNS make extensions like AdBlock Plus useless?

As many of you probably do, I am not using my ISP DNS because of very low performance, and I am using Google's primary and secondary DNS ( and which are good speed-wise but, knowing ...
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Track IP address of criminals [closed]

Quite recently someone had maliciously stolen my pictures and created a fake Facebook and Instagram in my name, with abusive captions under my pictures. However, with the advice from the police, I had ...
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How do open (no password) wireless networks deal with abuse?

Many places today such as restaurants, malls, and other public places have free and open WiFi that does not need a password or login information to access. That means that anyone, even people outside ...
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What are the privacy pros and cons of using a public DNS server vs. your own?

Whether I'm using a normal internet connection setup, or tunnelling it through an anonymizing VPN or through TOR, what information of mine is revealed to whatever DNS server that I choose (e.g. Google ...
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Can you track someone using a proxy? [duplicate]

This is past experience, and is not the case anymore since I am a programmer now and have nothing to do with security anymore. However in the past I had a person constantly trying to make comments of ...
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Can your Windows or Linux username be exposed to websites?

For example: Accessing a website with javascript enabled can expose information such as browser, fonts and local time. Can it, theoretically, expose your Windows or Linux username? Will saving a file ...
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What do web trackers know about/think of me?

Many companies use HTTP cookies, flash cookies, and other analytics to track visitors on the web and classify them. How can I find out what my web profile is currently, and what these trackers are ...
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Why Say IP Addresses Are Harmless?

Whenever I see someone on the internet ask the question, "Can someone find out my IP Address from my tweets/my tumblr/facebook posts/whatever else", the response I always see is, "Who cares! An IP ...
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