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Do car Bluetooth FM transmitters allow others to eavesdrop on the hands-free phone calls that I make?

My car's entertainment system is only able to play audio CDs and receive AM/FM radio. I am thinking of getting a Bluetooth FM transmitter so that I could use my car's speakers to play my smartphone's ...
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Detecting signal amplification attacks against PKE keyless fobs

During the early hours of the morning there was an attempt to enter and presumably steal various vehicles on my street, detected well after the fact via householders reviewing CCTV motion detection ...
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Does a Honda Civic send vehicle telemetry to its servers? [closed]

I recently read an article by the IEEE on Tesla's vehicle telemetry and after reading that, I also realised that Honda Civics also have vehicle infotainment systems, including in-cabin microphones. ...
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Is the Seed-And-Key Challenge-Response used in Automotive Security really secure?

As an Automotive Security Professional, my state of the art approach to implement a Secure Access would be to have an ECU generate a challenge (nonce + ID), forward it to the tester who can pass the ...
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Why don't car keys use algorithms like RFC 4226?

I've been reading a bit into car security and all of the ways cars can be stolen through various alterations of replay attacks. Upon researching whether any of the more modern cars are using anything ...
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Keyless entry system

To what extent can cryptography help protect against relay attacks (on vehicles)?
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Penetration test on a infotainment system platform [closed]

I am pentesting an infotainment platform that is still under development. I did a nmap scan (for all ports with option -p-) of the platform and found a few open ports. 111/tcp open rpcbind 3490/tcp ...
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Can you deauth a car, if so what would happen? [closed]

What would happen if someone deauthed a cars mac address?
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How can the hardware store copy my car keyfob?

I was recently at my local hardware store, where they were offering copies of car keyfobs. They claimed they could copy ''over 90% of cars on the road'' across a number of manufacturers. I'm ...
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Remote Keyless Entry physical access to FOB

I know RKE's that can have their codes stolen. However, this requires some setup. I am curious of what is the risk of actually handing over ones fob to valets and car washes. From what I have learned ...
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How do rolling code fobs and receivers synchronise?

This is a follow-up question to my earlier one: Does pressing a car remote many times offer denial of service attack for rolling codes? I want to emphasize that I am asking this question more to shore ...
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Does pressing a car remote many times offer denial of service attack for rolling codes?

My understanding of remote car key fobs, and similar security devices with rolling codes, is that the key device is a transmitter that, each time the button is pressed, sends the next secret in a ...
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Forensic investigation of a vehicle infotainment system [closed]

As far as I know most vehicle infotainment systems are run on a customized Linux system built with Yocto. Forensic toolkits such as Berla iVe allows to extract information such as GPS data, call log, ...
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Why do car key remotes not use E2EE?

Background I read an article about how car keys that remotely open one's car are not secure. This answer also talks about different encryption methods being insecure. The article mentions that ...
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How vulnerable are rolling codes used in car keyfobs to simple replay attacks?

I've read this question - Vehicle remote key security, and I have a few simpler questions that are not addressed in that one. I just received a whatsapp viral forward raising a few claims regarding ...
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Is it possible to attack car key fobs with regular RF devices?

I hope most of the key less entry cars are using rolling codes in order to improve the security between the key fob and the car. Is it possible to intercept this communication using a device such as ...
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Are OBD-II "Connected Car" products (Automatic Pro, Hum) secure?

There is an emerging class of vehicle data devices known as "Connected Car" products. Two examples are Automatic Pro and Hum, which both plug into your car's OBD-II port and are able to log info such ...
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Would a CD drive on a driverless car pose a security risk? [closed]

Hackers are smart. Could they hack a self-driving car through its CD drive? From what I understand, malicious code could be uploaded to the driverless car via CD which could give them access to brakes,...
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Car Key Security Questions [duplicate]

I am wondering how car key security works. Do cars keys just send a simple "lock" and "unlock" signal that works with any car from the manufacturer or any car of the same model? Or are specific keys ...
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Could technical controls prevent vehicle ramming attacks?

We've just seen another attack where a vehicle was used as a weapon. My thoughts are with all those affected by the tragedy. Many people are wondering how such attacks can be stopped. It's hard for ...
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Hacking a car "in real life"

There are lots of papers concerning car hacking. It is often done with physical access (by the OBD interface for example), sometimes without (Remote Exploitation of an Unaltered Passenger Vehicle). ...
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Does CAN bus communication need encryption?

I'm currently researching into CAN security for in-vehicle communication. I would like to know if anyone knows a reason why the CAN payloads of an ECU communication (between CAN nodes) should be ...
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How to patch "keyless entry" car keys?

The German automobile club ADAC did a test with several cars which open doors and start the engine with a "keyless entry" system. You don't have to push a button on your car key. If you get near your ...
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How do I protect security camera footage from an adversary?

I am interested in installing a security camera in my car, but I am worried about an adversary gaining physical access to the camera, and destroying the footage; leaving me with no evidence. ...
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Car Remote App Security

Car manufactures like BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz all provide mobile applications to control your car. All apps share really critical functions like remote lock/unlock or the ability to find your car ...
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Infecting a vehicle with a virus?

Referring to the security experts who demonstrated taking control of two popular vehicle models using a laptops connected to ECUs (, what are the ...
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Vehicle remote key security

How secure are car remote keys? When you lock or unlock your car, can someone spoof or make another remote key? How do car remote keys work? Do they use some kind of private/public keys, encryption? ...
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What kind of monitoring system can we have for existing security systems in the vehicles?

The vehicles are fitted with a security system to track their movements and report it back to their owners if they are moved unauthorized. My question is: can we have an additional security system ...
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Why do most cars use physical keys and no PIN?

Why do car makers rely on physical start keys, which can be stolen by home burglars and then used to start the vehicle? Why don't they use more secure methods such as a personal PIN, or a pin code to ...
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