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Questions tagged [virtualhost]

A method to host multiple domain names on a single server.

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Understanding the attack on IIS virtual hosting

I'm reading On page 44 it mentions about a way to exploit IIS servers, I tried to reproduce it but it didn’t work. I ...
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In case of multiple websites using a single IP, and we have been asked to perform vulnerability assessment to ensure its security, how many to target

When doing black-box vulnerability assessment (with permission of course) of a subdomain of a website, the first step is enumeration; and the first step of that is finding IP of the subdomain. If you ...
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Web application discovery: Can there be virtual hosts configured even when there is a response without host header?

I'm currently learning how to discover web applications running on a machine using port scanning, vhost bruteforcing and directory fuzzing. When it comes to port scanning, there is one thing I can't ...
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How one can find I am using virtual box Virtual Machine linux through Anydesk remote application?

I recently created a virtualbox virtual machine of Ubuntu 18.04 and installed Anydesk remote desktop app in it. An IT guy accessed my computers desktop via Anydesk app, but he is actually inside the ...
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Does a searchable public database exist of (hostname; ip) mappings?

This question is not about the trivial usage of the forward/reverse DNS. Getting the IP of a hostname is trivial (DNS), and using reverse DNS, also we can get (typically) a single hostname of an IP. ...
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X-Frame-Options header on redirect

I have several web applications running on my server (Debian 8 running Apache). One of my customers wants to improve the security of his app, after having some security audits carried out by a third-...
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Metasploit. Is always replacing domain names with resolved ips on RHOST/RHOSTS?

There is a website which I want to audit. That site must have a concrete Virtualhost configuration because if you access to it using the domain name the website is shown, but if you use the ip address ...
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