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Possible VNC-over-HTTP exploit involving Nginx?

I have the following setup Nginx + php-fpm, Nginx is running on port 80 and 443. Recently I noticed that connections were made from this servers port 80 to a remote machine on port 580x. [ src port is ...
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Does VNC need hardening when inside LAN (home network)?

This is a very newbie question, but I would just like to make sure that I'm not missing anything: If I connect via VNC protocol to my various servers etc. inside my own LAN (home network), then should ...
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Can hardware identifcation be evaded/spoofed?

If I'm not wrong, one of the many ways companies track and collect data of people through the internet is by identifying their hardware. Getting the monitor resolution, figuring what CPU it is, etc. ...
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Is it safe to type a password in a VNC client connected to a server to access another server? [closed]

I am using VNC GUI client from my Desktop to connect to a remote (ubuntu) server, say S1. From the remote server (S1), I will be logging into another server (say S2) via SSH. Via VNC client, I will be ...
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How did I get hacked and what was accessed?

Two days ago I installed a new router. It was a new TPlink AC1900. I established a password for the web admin, went through the quick setup questions, changed the IP ranges for the DHCP service from ...
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How secure is UltraVNC? [closed]

I've found that UltraVNC Single Click is an interesting alternative to TeamViewer. However it as far I understand uses RC4 to encrypt. Would you recommend this tool to remote desktop bearing in mind ...
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RDP/VNC/Xorg over Tails/Tor - From Tails to Windows [closed]

Remoting from a Tails machine to a Windows one. I have been working for a couple of days on making it work with no avail. Using Tails with small persistent modules installed (iceweasel, remmina, ...
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Bruteforcing via port 88 on MacOS

Macos has open port 88 by default. Is it possible to check validity of the password via this port from Linux and how? If the vncserver is active, it is possible to know also the username (by ...
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Metasploit MacOS victim - tools to enable remote desktop / GUI view of the victim

If the exploited victim OS is Windows, metasploit has the getgui command to run RDP. Then he can manipulate the victim OS through the GUI desktop interface. meterpreter > run getgui -u loneferret -...
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Remote access to my home PC - minimizing the risk

I use TightVNC behind my home LAN, but am open to alternative (free) suggestions. Many's the time that I have wished that I could have remote access to my home PC (which must run Windows, for ...
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Is my Vino server being attacked?

I installed vino on LUbuntu 18.04, and configured and started my vino server according to without understanding what the commands mean: $ export DISPLAY=:0 $ ...
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Does this evidence seem consistent with an intrusion via the VNC server?

I am new to this forum, so apologies in advance if this question does not seem to fall within its scope, or if it seems too long: On two occasions over the past ~3 weeks, a hacker gained remote ...
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Is this enough Security for a Remote Access Robot [closed]

I am currently doing a proof-of-concept to remotely access a robotic arm at a client site through the internet. I got it working, using x11vnc to connect to the robot over the Local network but now I ...
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Is it dangerous to give remote VNC access to a Server?

I have a Server powered by macOS Server on macOS Sierra. It serves as a file (AFP & SMB) server, VPN Server, and Web Server. It already has SSH enabled. I was wondering if it is safe to enable VNC ...
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Keeping machine secure (as possible) when sharing screen with support consultant

Im having some issues on a piece of specialist desktop software (windows wise im running W10) and i need to get a professional in to assist. Ive found someone who runs an online support service for ...
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VNC connection failed: Too many security failures

I am trying to use VNC to vnc4server from the Remmina client via an ssh tunnel. I establish the ssh tunnel with ssh -L 5901: user@remoteIp I have had successful VNC sessions to this ...
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